Holy Name High School is seeking a public address announcer for the 2015 varsity football season. The PA announcer would need to be available for all five home games played at North Royalton’s Serpentini Stadium, which is located off Royalton Road (Route 82). As of June 30, 2015, home dates are:

Saturday, September 12 vs. Benedictine
Friday, September 18 vs. Bay
Saturday, October 3 vs. Elyria Catholic
Friday, October 9 vs. Vermilion
Friday, October 30 vs. Rocky River

We would like an announcer who has experience behind the microphone, and is familiar with football and the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

If you would like to apply for this position, or would like more information, please contact Athletic Director Jack Richardson at (440) 886-0300 ext. 155 or jrichardson@holynamehs.com.

The Holy Name High School Main Office will be CLOSED Wednesday July 1, Thursday, July 2 and Friday, July 3 due to windows being replaced in the Main Office on those days. The Main Office will re-open at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 6. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve our school building this summer!

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Eighty-three boys in grades 3-9 attended the Holy Name Basketball Skills Camp this past Monday through Thursday. The boys were instructed in the fundamentals of the game, and then participated in a number of contests and games to apply what they learned. All the players worked very hard to improve throughout the week. Thanks to everyone who made it a great week!

Below is a list of award winners! Don’t miss our Boys’ Basketball Shooting Clinic, being held Monday, July 20 and Tuesday, July 21 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. each day. The Clinic is open to boys in grades 5-9 as of August 2015 and costs $50. You can register at http://www.holynamehs.com/sports-camps-2/.

Thanks to Dave Fisher ’94 of David Fisher Photography for taking the photos during the 7th-9th grade camp!

3rd/4th Grade – Tyler Zatta
5th/6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th/8th Grade – Josh Petrilla
9th Grade – Tommy Fenton

Dribble Tag
3rd/4th Grade – Wylan Hill
5th/6th Grade – Zack Whetzel
7th/8th Grade – Ryan Werner
9th Grade – Aidan Hickey

X Out Layups
3rd-6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th-9th Grade – Will Ehrbar

Free Throw Champion
3rd-6th Grade – Colin Saunders
7th-9th Grade – Joe Corrigan

Hot Shot Champion
3rd-6th Grade – Liam Hustak
7th-9th Grade – Josh Petrilla

1 on 1 Champion
3rd/4th Grade – Brendan Preisel
5th/6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th Grade – Trey Byrd
8th Grade – Will Ehrbar
9th Grade – Aidan Hickey

Team Champions
3rd-6th Grade – North Carolina
7th-9th Grade- Golden State Warriors

  • KGC1501
  • KGC1502
  • KGC1505
  • KGC1506
  • KGC1507
  • KGC1508
  • KGC1509
  • KGC1510
  • KGC1511
  • KGC1512
  • KGC1513
  • KGC1514
  • KGC1515
  • KGC1516
  • KGC1517
  • KGC1518
  • KGC1519
  • KGC1520
  • KGC1521
  • KGC1522
  • KGC1523
  • KGC1524
  • KGC1525
  • KGC1526
  • KGC1527
  • KGC1528
  • KGC1529
  • KGC1530
  • KGC1531
  • KGC1532
  • KGC1533
  • KGC1534
  • KGC1535
  • KGC1536
  • KGC1537
  • KGC1538
  • KGC1539
  • KGC1540
  • KGC1541
  • KGC1542
  • KGC1543
  • KGC1544
  • KGC1545
  • KGC1546
  • KGC1547
  • KGC1548
  • KGC1549
  • KGC1550
  • KGC1551
  • KGC1552
  • KGC1553
  • KGC1554
  • KGC1555
  • KGC1556
  • KGC1557
  • KGC1558
  • KGC1559
  • KGC1560
  • KGC1561
  • KGC1562
  • KGC1563
  • KGC1564
  • KGC1565
  • KGC1566
  • KGC1567
  • KGC1568
  • KGC1570
  • KGC1571
  • KGC1572
  • KGC1573
  • KGC1574
  • KGC1575
  • KGC1576
  • KGC1577
  • KGC1578
  • KGC1579
  • KGC1580
  • KGC1581
  • KGC1582
  • KGC1583
  • KGC1584
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[All pictures taken by Dave Fisher ’94, Paul Kowal ’08, and Kate McCall ’05]

Holy Name High School’s 2015 Alumni Weekend was a huge success, thanks to the support of Namer alumni and friends who attended and volunteered at the many events and activities that were held Thursday, June 11 through Saturday, June 13!

The weekend-long celebration began with the Eugene T. Krakowiak Golf Classic on Thursday at Pine Hills Golf Club. Nearly 100 golfers participated, with the foursome of Brian Bobula ’94, Larry Houser ’94, Chad Trush ’94, and Dan Trush ’96 winning the Classic. The golfers loved playing at Pine Hills, and enjoyed the Pig Roast catered by Chad Trush ’94 and the Islander Bar & Grille. Most importantly, over $9,000 was raised to benefit the Eugene T. Krakowiak Scholarship Fund – more than double the amount brought in last year!

On Friday, graduates from the Class of 1945 through the Class of 2010 gathered to reminisce and share their favorite high school memories at the All-School Reunion in Holy Name’s Memorial Gymnasium. While connecting with classmates, DJ Marc Majers ’90 played music that included top hits from the decades represented, and Coyne Catering provided amazing appetizers and desserts.

Saturday also featured a full day of events, beginning with the annual Holy Name Big Creek 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk. Brian DePauw ’14 made Namer Nation proud as the overall 5K Run Winner! The day continued with the 3-on-3 Alumni Basketball Tournament, where Class of 2010 graduates Corey Elliott, Sean Hartman, and Matthew Herron won the championship game.

Throughout Saturday afternoon, Holy Name’s back parking lot was filled with NamerFEST attendees! Kids of all ages loved the face painting and tie-dye t-shirt making stations, while everyone enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by Coyne Catering. New Namers from the incoming freshmen class of 2019 also joined in the fun, building friendships while playing cornhole, basketball, and volleyball! The action-packed, beautiful day then concluded with a special Chapel Mass celebrated by the Rev. James Batcha ’76.

We invite Holy Name alumni, students, parents, and friends to join us once again on Friday, September 18 for our Homecoming Tailgate at North Royalton’s Serpentini Stadium! More details about the Homecoming festivities will be announced later this summer. We hope to see you there, and thank you for continuing to support the Holy Name Community.

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  • IMG_3143
  • IMG_3147
  • IMG_3109
  • IMG_3101
  • IMG_3099
  • IMG_3106
  • IMG_3105
  • IMG_3104
  • IMG_3103
  • IMG_3102
  • IMG_3141
  • IMG_3146

On Friday, May 22, 146 members of the Holy Name High School Class of 2015 received their diplomas during a beautiful ceremony at St. Columbkille Church in Parma. Delivering this year’s address to the graduates was George Selim, a proud Parma native and 1998 graduate of Holy Name. Mr. Selim is now a director for the National Security Council at The White House in Washington, DC. To hear his speech, which encouraged the graduates to set goals, work hard and show compassion, view the video below:

You can view and order pictures to commemorate this special night by visiting http://events.lifetouch.com/eventHomepage.aspx?EventID=145536.

Additionally, members of the Class of 2015 were recognized for their many achievements during the Senior Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 14. The list of award winners can be found here:


Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2015! The Holy Name Community wishes you the best of luck in the future, and looks forward to hearing about your successes soon.

Holy Name High School students have had their visual and/or written work published in Splash, Holy Name’s Literary Magazine! The magazine, which features more than 40 Holy Name students, is still available for purchase.

Each book costs $5 and can be picked up in Mr. Rob Fowler’s classroom at Holy Name. If you have any questions about receiving this edition of Splash, please contact Mr. Fowler at rfowler@holynamehs.com.

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  • IMG_1556
  • IMG_1540
  • IMG_1533
  • IMG_1527
  • IMG_1515
  • IMG_1508
  • IMG_1505
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  • IMG_1482
  • IMG_1471
  • IMG_1461
  • IMG_1443
  • IMG_1442
  • IMG_1439
  • IMG_1433
  • IMG_1428
  • IMG_1425
  • IMG_1416
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  • IMG_1386
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  • IMG_1325
  • IMG_1311
  • IMG_1310

This May, our talented student actors, actresses, musicians and artists worked tirelessly to make the Spring Musical, as well as the Spring Concert and Art Show, a success! Students who performed in The Drowsy Chaperone did a fantastic job bringing the musical comedy to life, earning rave reviews from those in attendance.

The Spring Concert and Art Show also did not disappoint. The Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Mixed Choir and Symphonic Band all delivered fantastic performances, while the student art work on display captured everyone’s attention. In all of these performances and shows, our seniors especially sparkled, giving them one last chance to shine as Holy Name students.

The fine arts are alive and well at Holy Name, and we can’t wait to see what the Art and Drama Departments have planned for next school year!

  • IMG_2943
  • IMG_2944
  • IMG_2945
  • IMG_2946
  • IMG_2947
  • IMG_2948
  • Jarrod Crano 1
  • Josh Redhouse 2
  • Kyle Krucke 2
  • Evan Sico 2
  • Joe Laviano 2
  • Sam Miller 2
  • IMG_3096
  • IMG_2963
  • IMG_2958
  • IMG_2957
  • IMG_2956
  • IMG_2954
  • IMG_2953
  • IMG_2952
  • IMG_2951
  • IMG_2950

So many of our seniors participated in spring sports over the last four years, and we are happy to recognize them for their teamwork, dedication and leadership. Whether they participated in softball or baseball, lacrosse or track and field, these student-athletes represented Holy Name well. We will miss watching them compete next spring, but wish them the best of luck in the future!

  • IMG_0040
  • IMG_0041
  • IMG_0042
  • IMG_0044
  • IMG_0045
  • IMG_0047
  • IMG_0048
  • IMG_0015
  • FullSizeRender (3)
  • FullSizeRender (2)
  • FullSizeRender (1)
  • c155403-050

Today was the senior class’s final day of exams. As we prepare to say goodbye to them as a school community during tomorrow’s Baccalaureate Mass and Tribute to Mary Ceremony, we remember all they have done to make the Holy Name school community a better place.

In particular, we thank all who participated in our Campus Ministry program, were members of Cenacle of Mary and led our Girls’ Kairos and Guys’ Kairos Retreats. Your leadership, kindness and devotion to your faith will never be forgotten, and your fellow classmates will always remember the example you have set for them to follow. May God Bless the Class of 2015!

  • IMG_2932
  • IMG_2930
  • IMG_2923
  • IMG_2922
  • IMG_2928
  • IMG_2927
  • IMG_2926

Holy Name High School is proud of the 11 seniors who signed National Letters of Intent on Thursday, May 7 to continue their academic and athletic careers in college! The students who signed on Thursday include:

Kaitlyn Dibble (Cleveland/Bethany Lutheran), University of Mount Union, Track and Field

Mary Ehrbar (North Olmsted/St. Bernadette), Grove City College, Basketball

Chris Follina (Garfield Heights), West Liberty University, Baseball

Lexie Keller (North Ridgeville), John Carroll University, Soccer

Mike Sabol (Middleburg Heights/Academy of St. Bartholomew), Tiffin University, Football

Jessie Schaefer (Westlake/St. Bernadette), John Carroll University, Soccer

Frankie Spinelli (Strongsville/Sts. Joseph & John), John Carroll University, Baseball

Dean Supelak (Strongsville/Sts. Joseph & John), Otterbein University, Football

Devon Ventura (Cleveland/Urban Community), Ashland University, Football

Mickey Williams (North Olmsted/St. Richard), Otterbein University, Football

Shawn Zubek (Cleveland/St. Mary Byzantine), Walsh University, Baseball

Congrats to these members of the Class of 2015! We look forward to hearing about their future academic and athletic accomplishments.

Along with the students mentioned above, the Class of 2015 also includes the following students who signed their letters of intent earlier this school year:

Peyton Davis (North Ridgeville), Eastern Michigan University, Soccer

Toni Dickson (North Ridgeville), Cleveland State University, Soccer

Caroline Dreher (Westlake/St. Bernadette), Indiana University, Soccer

Christian Klink (Olmsted Falls), Wayne State University, Football

Abbey Yaugher (Strongsville/Sts. Joseph & John), Walsh University, Softball