Save NOW…Save in COLLEGE

Before you choose your high school, check to see what HN can offer you now and in the future…
Educational/financial planning doesn’t end with high school. Most of you plan to further your education after graduation which means decisions you make now can have an impact on your plans for the future. Holy Name understands this dynamic and prides itself on preparing you for College while being good stewards of your finances.
The HN VALUE is unparalleled among private high schools in the area. Our $8,800 tuition is the most affordable around. Holy Name has and continues to produce National Merit scholars and finalists.
The HN Placement Exam Scholarships rewards those who score in the top 25 on the Holy Name placement exam with a scholarship ranging from $1,000 to $4,500.
The HN Academic Scholarship Award is available for all incoming Freshmen who earn an A- or higher in seventh and eighth grade classes. This is a $1,000 scholarship that is renewable annually as long as a 3.6 GPA and standard course loads are maintained.
The HN Merit Scholarship is available for all incoming Freshmen who earn A’s and B’s in all seventh & eighth grade classes. This is a $500 scholarship that is renewable as long as a 3.0 GPA and standard course load are maintained.
Eighth grade students must audition for the HP Music Scholarship. Those awarded will receive a scholarship valued up to $500 for their Freshman year. This scholarship holds a maximum value of $2,600 over four years.
The HN Alumni Scholarship is available to all incoming Freshmen whose mother or father has graduated from Holy Name. This $250 scholarship is renewable.
Get a complete list of scholarships offered to incoming HN Freshmen by clicking here.
Holy Name’s College On Campus program is unique among Catholic high schools because it offers a post secondary enrollment class ON THE HN CAMPUS, during the academic day.
With College On Campus HN Students earn high school and college credit simultaneously.
HN’s College On Campus credits transfer to most Ohio colleges and universities and many out of state institutions of higher learning.
When combined with AP Courses, College On Campus gives students the opportunity to earn OVER 50 semester hours of college credit — that’s over one full year of college, saving our students thousands in college tuition!
More about College on Campus can be found by Clicking Here.

HN has a stellar financial rating, outstanding spiritual programs, and nationally validated educational outcomes. Holy Name offers the best on campus college credit program in the area and continues to produce National Merit Scholars and finalists. Why pay more for comparable educational opportunities?
We invite you to schedule a private tour (feel free to include your friends), or schedule a meeting with us so we can answer all your questions. We’d love to discuss further how we can prepare your child’s mind for college while being prudent with your family’s financial resources.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss Holy Name and why you belong here, email: or call Admissions at 440-886-0300.