Attention HN Facebook users! Please take minute to read the following
OCRON Systems, December 13, 2011
We have noticed that a large percentage of the HN Facebook Fans are not linking to the correct HN Fan Page in their profile education section. We need to get everyone pointing to the correct Fan Page. 
The reason behind this request is that it will help our Social Media initiative by, helping Alumni locate the correct Holy Name Fan Page through search engines, help prospective students find HN, and to help in overall communication throughout the HN community.  Please take a minute to help us out…
Please go to the Edit Profile section of your Facebook page (go to your Facebook page, click your name at the top left, locate Edit Profile at top right and click it). 
The image below reflects an incorrect Fan Page link (a correct link will have the HN logo instead of the Graduate silhouette).  
If “Add a School” is only visible, you are not linked to a high education and we would like you to add Holy Name and your Holy Name Alumni Page to your profile.(skip the next 2 sections)
To Edit the “Wrong HN Page”, locate the Work and Education heading and click the “Edit” link at the right (see below)
Click to enlarge

Once you click the Edit link the screen below will appear. 
Locate the “x”  (next to Edit) in High School Section (see below), and click it 
Click to enlarge
A window will pop up labeled “Remove School?”, click “Confirm”.
You will be automatically redirected back to the Edit Profile page.
Click the section labeled “Where did you go to high school? (next to High School).
Begin typing “Holy Name High School”, a drop down list will automatically appear with a list of pages.
Locate and select the Holy Name High School with our logo (see image below). 
Click to enlarge

Once selected, you will see a few links: Attended: Add year to Add year. 

Feel free to enter the years you attended Holy Name. 
BE SURE TO CLICK “ADD SCHOOL” when you are finished. 
You should now see the HN Logo and Holy Name High School embedded in you Profile. 
We would like you to add one more Page. 
Click the “Where did you go to high school?” box again. 
Type “Holy Name High School Classes” and a list of Alumni pages will appear (see below)
Click to enlarge

You can enter the years that you attended again, but it is not necessary for this page. 

Again, be sure to click “ADD SCHOOL” when yo are finished. 
The image below is the way a correct Profile should appear:


Click to enlarge

Again, you help will benefit the Holy Name community and our goals here in the Social Media space. Thanks so much for your time and please continue to share your comments, Likes, and experiences on the Holy Name Fan page.

Here are some instruction provided by Facebook for those who do not know how to get to there Edit Profile section.

Go to your Facebook Profile (once in Facebook, click your name at the top left)
  1. Click the Edit (Update Info) button on the top of your profile (timeline).
  2. Find the Education and Work section
  3. Type the name of your school into the College/University or High School field. If a page exists for that school, your profile (timeline) will link to it. If you want to add a school that doesn’t have an existing page, you’ll be prompted to create a new page.
  4. You can remove a school by clicking the x to the right of the school.

Note: You won’t be listed publicly as someone who likes this page unless you click the Like button.

To add or remove a class:

  1. Click the Edit (Update Info) button on the top of your profile (timeline).
  2. Find the Education and Work section
  3. Click the Add a Class link beneath your school and fill in the information.
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