Article by Emily Mitchell | The Name

During the first few weeks of school, Holy Name High School held its first ever election of a student body president.  The two candidates were seniors Jordan Blazak and Meghan Adams.  Jordan Blazak was elected by the HN student body, and he already has countless creative ideas and potential plans.

What are the responsibilities of the student body president?  Jordan states that the student body president represents the students of Holy Name.  “I take an idea, examine it for potential problems, work together with my lovely cabinet and congress, then turn out an improved, flawless idea that everyone will enjoy.  That’s my goal as president.”

Jordan was inspired to run for president by past experiences.  He has been involved in several leadership groups and he wants to make Holy Name a better place.  He vows to voice the students’ opinions and “be that leader that they deserve.

Some of Jordan’s plans include organizing the Powder Puff league this year and possibly replacing the Winter Formal dance with a charity dance.

The first day on the job, several students approached Jordan with new ideas.  He encourages others to do the same.  “The day I was elected someone talked to me in the parking lot about starting intramural volleyball.  It’s already being discussed for some time in the winter.  That’s as easy as it is.  If we can work together to push your idea through, and it’ll make a bunch of people happy, let’s do it.”

One of the frequently asked questions is related to Jordan’s pre-election speech: Will we really have a Quidditch team?  “Quidditch, in my book, definitely has to happen.  Since it is an outdoor sport, we’re looking at the springtime to kick off a season…we still have to figure out all the logistics on how exactly the game will be played, and when it will be played, how teams will be set up, is it going to be an actual league, and things like that.  But yes.  It will happen.”

You may be wondering if Jordan wants to pursue a career in politics. “Politics?  Oh no, no…I want to go into the film industry…I feel that I can tell the world what I want to say through the art of film making.  I tell my story and spread my message on a piece of silver-based medium which reacts with photons at the speed of light, and I absolutely love it.”

Jordan’s ambitious ideas and plans will hopefully lead HN to exciting experiences during this school year.  As Jordan put it, let’s “blaze” the trail and “change this school forever.”