Rachel Bell | The Name

As any person who has volunteered knows, volunteering can be very stressful and hard.  This summer, many Holy Name students volunteered their time to help others. A few students shared their summer volunteering experiences.

Heather Sanderell, a freshman, volunteered at St. Pat’s soup kitchen in Cleveland as part of her Confirmation requirements.  “I learned what it is like for people who can’t afford things and aren’t as fortunate as I am,” she said.  Heather helped prepare a meal for the needy and homeless who come in everyday to eat.

Sophomore Jennifer DiGeronimo was in charge of the music part of St. Michael’s Vacation Bible School. It was a weeklong camp for anybody entering kindergarten through sixth grade.  Jennifer really enjoyed the last day of VBS. “It was cool to see they knew the words and the motions and see them singing songs about God,” she said.  “It brought me closer to God teaching other kids.”

Junior Janessa Brickman also helped her parish.  She volunteered for Holy Family’s festival.  Janessa said she volunteered because she “likes helping other people and being a part of something.”  She also felt it was very rewarding to see the end result and know she was able to contribute.

Therese Thomason, a senior, went to San Jose Villa Nueva, El Salvador.  “I wanted to help people and experience their culture at the same time,” she said.  Together with some friends from Midpark, Therese built some houses and helped fix a mural of the city. “It made me realize what was important in life and made me grateful for what I have here.”