Madison Sullivan | The Name

The 2012-2013 school year has brought about many exciting changes at Holy Name High School.  Holy Name has been sad to see a few faculty members leave and start a new chapter of their lives.  The members who left us are Mr. Petroff, Mr. Gerrick, Mrs.Latimer, Mr. Krolikowski (who will continue to be the moderator of The Name) and Mrs. Butler.  Holy Name would like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication.  You will be missed and we wish you luck as you begin to write your next chapters.

Holy Name would like to give a warm welcome to all of the new teachers this year.  Mr. Mazur, who has worked at Holy Name before, has returned to teach English and Speech.  Mrs. Sullivan will be teaching Chemistry this year.  Ms. Gresko, Holy Name alumna, will be teaching Juniors theology this year.  Ms. Gresko has worked with Father Krizner’s Youth Ministry at St. Colette’s and after earning a degree in music came to work at Holy Name in our Music Ministry.  She continues to work with the group for her fourth year.

Mrs. Carter is our new guidance counselor this year.  Mrs. Carter taught AP Political Science and regular Political Science classes at Holy Name for fifteen years.  She then moved to the Admissions Department for six years and now she’s working with Guidance.  Holy Name students are very excited to have her as a Guidance Counselor.

Finally, we would like to welcome our newest little Namer to the community.  Mrs. Ryan and her husband are excited for the arrival of their new baby boy, Jack Ryan.  Congratulations!  Mrs. Ryan will return second semester, but for now Ms. Zielski will be working in the art department.  Ms. Zielski taught at Brecksville High School for eight years and Case Western-Reserve for five years.  She attended Case and was in a dual-enrollment program with the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Holy Name is happy to have her for a semester.