Article By: Rachel Bell | The Name

Last winter, the new Library Media Center opened for the first time.  Now, many students are eagerly anticipating the first full year.

“Hopefully more classes will be coming to use the LMC resources and we’ll be using the classroom next door in a variety of ways,” says Sr. Paula of her plans for this year.  “Freshman orientation is already in progress.”

There are many resources available for students who use the LMC as a study hall.  These resources include books, magazines, computers, iPads, and Nook Readers. Any student who wants to use an iPad or Nook Reader needs to see Sr. Paula to sign them out.

The Media Production Club is another new addition to the Library Media Center.  Any student who wants to join this club will need to be trained in how to use the equipment. There are other positions available as well – camera people, graphic designers, reporters, teleprompter controllers, on-air personalities, and many more. They hope to start live morning announcements by mid-October.

There are many things to look forward to in the new Library Media Center.