Seventh and Eighth Graders Are Set to Compete in 2012 GCCTM Math Contest and Holy Name has been designated as a location in Northeast Ohio; Saturday, March 9, 2013.

When other middle school-aged youngsters are wearing pajamas, watching cartoons and eating cereal, a few of our local students will be sitting in a cafeteria wielding calculators and pencils. In school on a Saturday? Yes! These students are participating in the 2012 GCCTM Math Contest.

The purpose of the contest is to stimulate interest in mathematics among middle-school students. Students who are mathematically talented will find a broader field of competition, a chance to apply their knowledge,  and a chance to meet other students with similar interests.

Students work in teams of three (three eighth-graders or three seventh-graders) on four events during the contest.

At about 9:00AM, the contest gets underway. The first event, Six Places to Start, presents seven problems. The first six problems must be solved by the team before the seventh can be attacked because the answers to the first six problems are incorporated into the seventh problem.

The second event, Mental Math, will have students working individually to solve two sets of mental math questions. Each set has 15 questions.

For event three, Hurdles, the team will solve a sequence of problems. The first problem must be solved before the team can dash to a designated point to pick up the next problem. This active event is a student favorite.

In the fourth and final event of the contest, the team of three attacks twenty problems known as The Pile. They solve as many problems as possible within a time limit.

Performance in these events is scored by a group of volunteers, often including teachers from the visiting schools. Each team receives an award. The teams scoring in the top 20% receive medallions, the next 40% receive blue ribbons, and the next 40% receive red ribbons. Awards are distributed by team name, not school name, to foster a supportive atmosphere for math achievement.

Parents are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony at approximately 11:00AM.

The problems used in this contest will consist of challenging problems of the types found in textbooks and other math contests. While algebraic techniques can provide an advantage in any problem solving situation, all the problems can be solved by non-algebraic means.

A committee of the Greater Cleveland Council Teachers of Mathematics has prepared the contest questions, and will act as arbiter in all questions regarding the scoring of this contest.

This contest is not planned as a comparison of participating school districts. Any publicity released by any school will neither contain nor
imply such comparison. For this reason, student teams choose team names that do not reflect their school names.

The Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics is an organization of mathematics professionals who are committed to the improvement of mathematics education in Northeast Ohio. The standards that we set are in accordance to the standards set by the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

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