Robert Rozboril, | | August 19, 2013

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio – There is a new energy among the Holy Name football program, according to first-year coach Dan Wondolowski, who took over for coach Mark Pinzone who stepped down during the off-season.

It’s an energy he hopes will power his Green Wave team

on to a successful 2013 season with an “in-your-face” attitude that should make them a force to be reckoned  with for opposing teams.

There is still work to be done, however.

The Green Wave is in the process of working out all of the tweaks on offense and defense. Wondolowski and company like what they see so far though.

Aggression is the name of the game.

Fans can expect to see a team that is not afraid to throw the ball down field as much as they are not afraid to hand it off for a run.

“You’re not going to know where we’re coming from,” said Wondolowski.

When it comes to defense, the team is going to run both even and odd fronts. Again, Wondolowski plans to mix things up to try and keep the opposition off balance with his defenders sometimes sitting back a little bit in the zone and other times coming full throttle with a blitz.

As a new coach, Wondolowski did not want to be brash in his predictions for the team’s overall record in 2013, knowing there are still many unknowns to face.

As far as this season’s expectations go, Wondolowski simple says “We’ll see.”


Coach’s Name: Dan Wondolowski.Holy Name Football Helmet

Year’s in that position: First year.

Overall 2012 team record: 5-5.

Conference: North Coast League.

OHSAA Division: IV, Region 11.

What style of defense will the team run: Attack.

What style of offense will they run: Attack.

Number of returning seniors: Six.

Some key returners:

Chris Golian, OL/DL, Sr.

With a strong work ethic to complement his experience, Golian should be a valuable contributor for the Green Wave in 2013.

Ben Pikus, OL, Sr.

Pikus will use his strength and knowledge of the game to try and help his team in 2013. His brother, Sam Pikus, graduated after the 2012 season.

Mike Messina, QB, Sr.

Messina describes himself as a mentally tough player and said he feels the team’s offense has improved in terms of getting plays off quicker and reading defenses from last year.

Tre Smith, WR/DB, Sr.

Smith’s athleticism combined with his fearlessness on the field make him a dangerous player for opposing teams on both sides of the ball.

Eric Youngblood, RB/LB, Jr.

Youngblood is a valuable asset for the Green Wave on both offense and defense.

What is the team’s greatest strength:

Wonolowski believes his team’s greatest strength lies in its determination which can be seen on display every day at practice. He describes his players as being willing to learn and unwilling to settle for anything less than greatness on the field.

What is the team’s greatest weakness:

Coach Wondolowski said he could not think of one weakness on his team.