By Bob Fenner |

CLEVELAND – Students at Holy Name Elementary School in Cleveland received a special surprise Tuesday when high school seniors from Holy Name High School in Parma Heights delivered holiday gifts and treats to the elementary school located on Broadway Avenue in Cleveland.

Nearly 25 Green Wave students from the high school’s campus ministry and other organizations visited every classroom, passed out presents and sat with the children as they unwrapped them to discover what was inside.

In addition to making a difference in the life of others, the purpose of Tuesday’s visit was to help maintain the historical connection between the two schools.

The high school was located at the Broadway Avenue location before moving to their current location in Parma Heights in 1978.

Senior Ally Wise and other students had grandparents who attended Holy Name as well. For this group of students, it was about giving back.

“It just feels so good helping someone else,” said Wise. “Us doing something little makes a big difference to them.”

The Holy Name High School student body also conducted penny wars and raised over $550 to help Holy Name Elementary School buy much needed equipment.

This was just the beginning of exciting times for the Parma Heights institution. Holy Name High School will be celebrating 100 years in 2014.

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