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When Matt and Laura Gray, both ’86, began their first day at Holy Name High School, they hadn’t met yet but knew they had a kindred spirit in each other.

Matt’s father, Robert Gray, and Laura’s mother, Ann Clifford McNamara, attended the school together and graduated in 1961. When the freshmen started at Holy Name, their parents told them to keep an eye out for one another.


“I remember meeting her in the stands at a sporting event, and I can still remember what she was wearing,” says Matt, who wrestled and played football. “I didn’t know too many people at Holy Name, so it was neat to have somebody there to help me find my way.”

The two didn’t date until after graduation, but both say Holy Name was the foundation for their relationship and eventual marriage.

“We had a great experience at Holy Name,” says Laura, formerly McNamara, who participated in pep club and
intramurals. “We were one of those classes that got along and clicked without being cliquish. Everyone knew each other and got along well.”

“I personally look at Holy Name and think it epitomizes the kind of people I like to associate with and the kind of person I am,” Matt says. “Holy Name taught me to be humble, hardworking and highly ethical, which are all traits I use in my career today.Post-Holy Name, Matt earned a business degree at Miami University and went on to have a career in medical sales and sales management, which he has worked in for almost 25 years worked in for almost 25 years.

“And while those values don’t take a back seat to success, it’s part of the HolyName culture not to wear your success on your sleeve and talk about what a good person you are. You show the world you are a good person by the deeds that you do. That’s a real cornerstone of Holy Name, and something I still see today in Holy Name graduates.”

Laura studied education at the University of Toledo and taught at St. Leo’s for five years. When the Grays decided to start a family, she chose to stay home with their children.

“Holy Name always felt like a family and taught me to place a priority on family,” she says. Both Grays also have siblings who attended the school. “I enjoy being home and placing my emphasis on that.”

The Grays have two children, a freshman and a senior, at Holy Name, and their fourth-grader says she also wants to attend the school.

“We wanted our children to have the same experience we had, and it’s been such a positive experience for them,” Laura says. “We’re still part of the family 30 years later; we still feel connected. And we hope
they feel that also.”

Matt says he and Laura are still friends with many of their classmates from Holy Name and are now sending their children to school together as their parents once did. He says he is happy to see that the school’s values have not changed.

“It’s great to go back and see teachers like Mr. Ehrbar and Mr. Moderick, who still remember us by name and are a part of the fabric of Holy Name,” he says. “To me, the school seems to be timeless. We know we’ll always have friends and support through thick and thin, and, hopefully, that’s something our children take away as well.”


This article was published in HN’s – The Wave Winter 2013-2013– Alumni Magazine.


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