Holy Name High School | March 17, 2014

Hundreds of Namers, young and old, participated in the St. Patrick’s NamerNation March at the 2014 Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The event started at Holy Name’s Parma Hts. campus.  Participants received green sweatshirts that boasted the HN Centennial logo. The group boarded buses and journeyed down to the staging area of the parade, where they met up with the Holy Name Band, Drill Team, the HN Float and hundreds of more Namer Alumni.

The sea of green marched the parade route with green and white pom poms, green balloons, and signs that noted the many decades of graduates.

The event continued at the Hyatt, in the nostalgic Cleveland Arcade. The Parade Committee did a great job with every detail, from the green towering HN flags to great food and spirits

The 2014 St.Patrick’s Day Parade was the third scheduled event celebrating the Holy Name Centennial. Each event has been awesome in it’s own right. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a great forum to show the spirit of the HN community to Northeast Ohio, and it did not fall short on that task.

Congratulations to the Holy Name Drill Team that was awarded 3rd Place in Parade Drill Teams.

A huge thank you to the Parade Committee, their hard work and dedication was not overlooked and has created lifelong memories to all who participated. “Proud to be an Namer” was heard by many…

If you missed any of the first three HN Centennial events, do not miss out again! Save the dates for the upcoming events. The next event is the premier event – the Holy Name Reunion weekend, June 13-14.

Here are some preliminary details (all events held at Holy Name High School):

  • Friday June 12th – Reunion Dinner/Dance
  • Saturday June 13th
    • HN 5k Run
    • Dedication of Ohio Historical Plaque to Holy Name High School
    • Namer Fest  – Featuring Music, Spirits, Food Trucks, Alumni & kid games.

Rumor  feature music act is Cleveland’s Breakfast Club – Featuring Class of 1984’s Brian Dossa.

Details will be updated on the Centennial Web Page and Social Media as it becomes available.

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