The Name | May 23, 2014

Holy Name is more than a place where you attend classes for four years. It is a place where memories are made.Seniors will not only remember the teachers and the academic classes but the good and perhaps bad times they have had with the many friends they have made through the years. These memories will be kept forever and shared with others in the future. They will be cherished for years to come.

Unfortunately not all members of the class of 2014 have shared their memories with the Name staff but those who have are listed below. Some common memories that the seniors have include as freshmen beating the seniors in Tug-of-War in the Spirit Games, winning the Spirit Games both junior and senior year, beating Padua 43-42 in triple overtime junior year, beating St.Edwards in hockey in five overtimes, and the hockey team beating St.Ignatius during the regular season.

Will Davis will remember the great times he had playing football and basketball for the Green Wave.

Dave Durdak fondest memory was meeting some amazing people after leaving Chanel and coming to H.N.

Chris Golian will remember all the football practices and games.

Austin Coreno remembers when Troy Hodge broke his phone in half purposely on the bus freshman year coming home from a baseball game.

Shane Gray remembers when severe weather hit the freshman football team while practicing at Hannah and the fun they had trying to avoid the storm.

Ross Genchi’s favorite memory is winning back to back district championships with the hockey team.

Besides beating the seniors at tug-of-war freshman year James Gravely’s best memory is his first day as a Namer.

Alex Tober remembers meeting Tyler Perry at the first day of freshman football with his long hair and white shirt and plaid pants that were too big.

Owen Verhiley showering after wrestling and meeting Jordan Robinson.

Matt Szymanski’s and Pat Ream’s favorite memory is starting a video gaming club with their friends.

Max Revay’s best memory is freshman football and the incredible chemistry on the team and the fact that he made friends that will last for years.

Nate Volkmann’s favorite memory is chanting the Mike Messina chant at any available opportunity.

Justin Romito’s favorite memory is his first day after transferring.

Rob Scholl’s favorite memory is his first day as a Namer.

Ryan Tomasi remembers all the fun soccer moments like Don Stepik getting put into a locker.

Troy Mezera’s favorite memory is the hockey team beating St. Ed’s in five overtimes.

John Joseph remembers going the wrong way for a fire drill freshman year and having to sing in Honor’s English II with Mr. Langa.

Joe Guadiz is fond of his memories with the H.N. theatre especially the spring musical, Godspell.

Alex Jones remembers the times Joe Guadiz gave impromptu concerts playing his guitar in the lobby after school and everybody singing along.

Mike Messina like many others remembers playing in the 3 overtime victory over Padua junior year.

Nick McDaniel’s favorite memory is winning the NCL Championship for track.

Frank Nunez funniest moment is when Don Stepik dropped the goalpost on himself and started crying.

Ben Hudson will remember the philosophical and political discussions he had with Mr.Mazur before the OGT tests.

Tim Higginbotham fondly remembers his junior and senior years of hockey and beating St. Ignatius during the regular season.

Brian Young and Steve Pratt remember going to Highland for a J.V. football game and Mr. Ehrbar telling the players on the bus, “This ain’tno bar and grill.”

Donald Stepik’s favorite weekend is prom weekend with his friends.

Alex Semary said, “The stories that Mr. Wilks told during class are both funny and serious and I will never forget them.”

Jimmy “Trey” Smith remembers Julie arguing with Fr. Krizner at every Mass.

Sean King like other seniors remembers the victory over Padua and winning spirit games two years in a row, but he also has good memories of going to Disney World with the marching band, watching movies with film club and when Dr. Mike spoke to an all school assembly.

Kelli Kachmar’s favorite memory is competing in the flag obstacle course with her best friend Jackie Corrigan and winning event.

Rachel Ontko has a great memory of beating seniors in the tug-of-war as does Meg O’Gorman who also is proud of winning Spirit Games two years in a row.

Ali Smith has the common memories of beating Padua but also has fond memories of performing with the drill team for the last time, traveling to DisneyWorld with the music department and of course being
elected Homecoming Queen by her fellow seniors.

Kristen Kall has fond memories of being part of the H.N. fastpitch family and all the football games
senior year.

Ashley Liska and Carly Fuerst remembers buying “Holy Name” cookies every day for lunch freshman year and their most memorable moments are cheering for basketball and football games all four years.

Janessa Brickman has a couple of fond memories. One favorite memory is the Cenacle of Mary cookouts where Namers came together in prayer and to socialize as a true Holy Name Community. She also has a fond memory from the Caritas retreat where the seniors bonded over the “secret circle in the upper left.

Maggie Maloney’s favorite moments at H.N. are cheering on the football team every weekend in the fall.Sam Hocevar’s Favorite memory is going to Washington for A.P. Government class.

Stacie Gibson will always remember freshman year with sr. Sheila. Lots of memories were made that year.

Catherine Gajowski will never forget Government Class with Mrs. Slanina.

Anastasia Keller’s most memorable moments are eating pizza at lunch with her friends and running in track meets her sophomore year.