The Name | by Caroline Dreher | May 23, 2014

How does one stand out in a world of seven billion inhabitants? Seniors Thomas Springer and Brian DePauw were able to achieve this by scoring in the nation’s top 3% on the PSAT/NMSQT.

Of the 1.5 million test takers, 50,000 students with the highest PSAT/NMS Thomas was one of 34,000 to be recognized as a Commended Student.

Brian DePauw was one of 16,000 students to be selected as a Semi-Finalist. De-Pauw was then further awarded with the honor of Finalist in this prestigious program.

Holy Name counselor Mrs. Ritt says, “Recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program is gigantic honor. It puts a student at such an advantage in their college search and presents
scholarship opportunities.”

Both Springer and DePauw will continue their academic success in college. Springer plans to attend Saint John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. He would like to study law in graduate school and spend
his spare time pursuing writing as a hobby.

DePauw will attend The University of Cincinnati and plans to major in engineering while participating in the school’s honors program.

After taking many AP and Honors courses throughout their four years at Holy Name, these senior standouts are clearly well prepared for the years to come.