Holy Name High School | November, 11, 2014

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Fr. Bob Kraig ’63 celebrated mass with our HN students and Alumni / Veteran guests today.
Dr. Brian Adams ’86 Navy Veteran, gave an amazing presentation about Veterans Day, the American Flag, the Cross and being respectful Americans.

The Dyer Family
Bill Dyer ’58 & his wife Pat
Ken Dyer ’68
Bob Dyer ’61 & his wife Joanne
Terry Kuminkoski & his wife Elaine Dyer ’65 Kuminkoski
Bill Roman ’65
Brian Adams ’86
Mr. William Adams
David Wilks ’65
Joe Urbanski ’61
Frank Carr ’57 & his wife Carol
HN Parents Brian (Veteran) & Lorie Bilek and her father (Veteran)

Mr. Bill Dyer ’58 presented a Flag from his son Col. Ken Dyer ’82. The flag was flown in honor of the school and our students in Afghanistan on August 27, 2014 while his command was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

A very emotional and moving day for our students, staff and HN families.

Following is a video clip of Brian Adams at today’s service.