Each semester, Holy Name’s Art classes are filled with students who are eager to learn new skills and put their creativity to work. Under the guidance of Mrs. Beth Ryan and Mr. Dan Humphrey ’09, these students create works of art that are unique, expressive and meaningful.

This semester, the Art Department will be highlighting what the students are working on in their classes. The HN Art Update will be a weekly feature, including a brief description of what students are learning as well as images of the art coming to life.

During classes this week, Basic Design students were asked to create abstract drawings that explored the idea line. They discussed the purpose of line, line variation, line movement and pattern. Next week, the students will be working back into their drawings, exploring the idea of color.

Drawing & Painting students were asked to create a sketch that best represents their viewpoint on art. They selected and illustrated a quote of their choice in their sketchbooks. All students came up with innovative interpretations of their artistic mantras!

The artwork showcased in this week’s HN Art Update was done by Rachel Kucharczyk ’15, Lydia Stilla ’15, Mallory Knill ’15 and Brittney Webb ’16.