An amazing night was had by all who attended the 2015 Rising Tide Gala Auction this past Saturday! For the first time ever, the Gala Auction was held at Holy Name, with the overall theme being “There’s No Place Like Home.” Our dedicated Decorations Committee, led by the talented Julie Alberty (P ’17) and Laura McNamara Gray ’86 (P ’14, ’17), transformed the Memorial Gymnasium into a beautiful venue. Putting their own spin on ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ the Decorations Committee created an Emerald City that included a corn field, apple tree, rainbow, poppies and a yellow brick road! A special thanks goes to the following vendors who helped make this amazing setting possible:

Pat Catan’s
Catan Fashions
Catan Events, especially Events Director Brenda Kucinski
Troy Entertainment
Precision Multimedia (Dave Zarzycki ’86)
ACE Lighting Services/UV Lighting International/Light Bulb Supply (Doug Clarke P ’18)
Olmsted Ice (Tony Dickson P ’15)

We also owe a huge thank you to:

Driftwood Catering, who provided a delicious meal, and La Bakery Boutique, who provided tasty cupcakes for dessert.

Qwestcom Graphics, especially Joanne Porvaznik and Danny Day ’08, who were instrumental in helping us to produce the Auction Booklet.

Auctioneer Brooks Ames, who helped make the Live Auction a huge success.

David Fisher ’94 who photographed the event.

Volunteer Committee Chairs, Tony ’86 and Suzanne Mercuri (P ’17), who coordinated both the adult and student volunteers.

Gift Acquisitions Committee Chairs, Joe ’87 and Sue Paris ’84 Laviano (P ’15, ’18), Kevin ’84 and Denise McNamara (P ’18) and Mark ’88 and Alison Priebe (P ’16, ’18), who helped secure amazing gifts for the silent and live auctions.

Every person, business or organization who made a donation or gift to help make the Gala Auction a reality.

George Palko ’83 and Beth Gallagher Powers ’52 (P ’75, ’76, ’77, ’78, ’81, ’83, ’84), who shared their stories and gave their time to create the Namers in Need Video.

DIGIZOOM MEDIA, who filmed and produced the powerful Namers in Need Video.

Tricia Coyne Schieferstein (P ’17), who offered incredible insight on the entire event and her husband James Schieferstein, who managed the bars and made sure everything ran smoothly throughout the entire evening.

Our dedicated HN alumni, moms and friends, who came up throughout the weeks leading up to the Gala Auction and helped organize every aspect of the event, including Eileen Tivenan Adams ’88 (P ’13, ’14, ’16) Laura Surella Calaiacovo ’88 (P ’16, ’18), Joey Canitia (P ’15), Michelle Crowe (P ’16), Sue Canda DiGeronimo ’77 (P ’12, ’15), Beth Ehrbar (P ’15), Robert Gala ’01, Patricia Gallagher (P ’16), future Namer Molly Gray, Maureen Gannon Hennessey ’75, Therese Powers McCall ’75 (P ’05, ’07, ’09), Mary Kay McNamara ’84, Kathleen Miluk (P ’14, ’16, ’17), Martha Reid (P ’18), Sharon Regan (P ’16, ’18), Lisa Vollman (P ’14, ’17) and Michelle Wolf (P ’16), plus countless others who we greatly appreciate!

Our volunteers the evening of the Gala Auction who made sure everything ran smoothly, including Ellen Knight Ashwill ’75, Janice Gray (P ’12, ’17, ’18), Andrea Montowski (P ’09, ’17) Jim Powers ’83 and Leigh-Ann Revay (P ’14, ’17), and our awesome faculty and staff members: Joanie and Joe Ehrbar (P ’06, ’08, ’09, ’13, ’15), Sr. Paula Greggila, Kim Jones, Joe Langa ’75, Nina Medley, Lillian Paul, Tim Sullivan, Mary Stringer Wallace ’85 (P ’15, ’16, ’18), and Coach Dan Wondolowski and his wife, Jess.

Business Manager Bernie Kowal, her husband, and her son, Paul ’08, who did a terrific job managing the check out area.

Mrs. Beth Ryan and the HN Art Students, who created all of the poppies that were on display.

The HN Maintenance Staff of Joe Bailey, Dean Bowditch ’83 and Tom Schulte, who were there at every turn to help.

Our more than 80 student volunteers, who spent the night greeting guests, serving dinner and delivering gifts to attendees’ cars.

All those who attended and helped to support Holy Name’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds.

The Gala Auction Committee apologizes if anyone was forgotten in this listing; please know that everyone’s support – from volunteers and attendees, to those who donated and were sponsors – is and will always be appreciated by the Holy Name Community. With your generosity, we are able to continue to offer a premier and affordable education to students throughout Northeast Ohio.

Please save the date for next year’s Gala Auction, taking place Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Holy Name High School!

All Hail Holy Name!