Eighty-three boys in grades 3-9 attended the Holy Name Basketball Skills Camp this past Monday through Thursday. The boys were instructed in the fundamentals of the game, and then participated in a number of contests and games to apply what they learned. All the players worked very hard to improve throughout the week. Thanks to everyone who made it a great week!

Below is a list of award winners! Don’t miss our Boys’ Basketball Shooting Clinic, being held Monday, July 20 and Tuesday, July 21 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. each day. The Clinic is open to boys in grades 5-9 as of August 2015 and costs $50. You can register at http://www.holynamehs.com/sports-camps-2/.

Thanks to Dave Fisher ’94 of David Fisher Photography for taking the photos during the 7th-9th grade camp!

3rd/4th Grade – Tyler Zatta
5th/6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th/8th Grade – Josh Petrilla
9th Grade – Tommy Fenton

Dribble Tag
3rd/4th Grade – Wylan Hill
5th/6th Grade – Zack Whetzel
7th/8th Grade – Ryan Werner
9th Grade – Aidan Hickey

X Out Layups
3rd-6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th-9th Grade – Will Ehrbar

Free Throw Champion
3rd-6th Grade – Colin Saunders
7th-9th Grade – Joe Corrigan

Hot Shot Champion
3rd-6th Grade – Liam Hustak
7th-9th Grade – Josh Petrilla

1 on 1 Champion
3rd/4th Grade – Brendan Preisel
5th/6th Grade – Jack Kenneally
7th Grade – Trey Byrd
8th Grade – Will Ehrbar
9th Grade – Aidan Hickey

Team Champions
3rd-6th Grade – North Carolina
7th-9th Grade- Golden State Warriors