Holy Name’s Art Teachers, Mrs. Beth Ryan and Mr. Dan Humphrey ’09, have been working with their students on a variety of projects this semester. Here is a glimpse into their classrooms this week:

In the spirit of the season, art students have been busy incorporating the culture of Halloween into their art lessons. Mrs. Ryan’s classes have been full force finalizing their artwork for the holiday. Basic Design students practiced value studies by enlarging small pieces of a larger picture, focusing on the light and dark values within their “puzzle piece.” After everyone was finished the students worked together to piece their drawings together to discover the larger image. Both classes were very excited and happy with their results! (They even learned a little bit about Boris Karloff, the original Frankenstein). Ceramics students finished glazing their “Sugar Skull” sculptures, just in time for “Dia de los Muertos.” We explored the cultural history behind the Mexican sugar skull designs while incorporating them into unique clay sculptures. Art Club was also busy this week painting pumpkins. Everything turned out awesome and we are so excited to share our hard work with the rest of the student body!

This week, in Mr. Humphrey’s Basic Design class, the students were introduced to and began studying color theory. They were responsible for creating a color wheel as well as a chromatic value scale. Both exercises will aid them in the coming weeks when they dive into deeper projects involving painting and color.