Dear Holy Name students and families,

We are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures in an effort to create the best school environment for our students, families, faculty, and staff. School safety is of utmost importance to all of us here at Holy Name. Page 31 of our student handbook currently states that in circumstances of severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances, Holy Name High School may close school for the day. It also specifies that if Parma City Schools are closed for these reasons, Holy Name High School will also close. The initial intent of the policy was mainly for the winter months. As we share the same roads, especially in winter weather, it made sense to close school when Parma closed due to snowy conditions.

Today, September 25th, Parma City Schools closed all of their buildings due to extreme heat and humidity. I made the decision to close Holy Name because of our current policy as written in the handbook. Area grade schools followed suit as well. Please keep in mind that the Parma City School District does not contact or ask for the opinion of any area Catholic school located in the district. I had no advance warning of the closure.

In discussion with the Office of Catechetical Formation and Education, I have made the decision to change our current calamity day policy. Effective immediately, Holy Name High School will no longer automatically follow the closing of school based on the Parma City School District. Therefore, Holy Name WILL be open on Tuesday, September 26. In the case of extreme heat or extreme cold, when we feel students can travel safely to and from Holy Name and be educated effectively in our facilities, we will remain in session. Going forward, in order for classes to be cancelled, all families will receive email notification from the school. Messages will also be posted on our social media accounts and on the school phone line. We will continue to post closing notices on the major television networks (Channels 3, 5, and 8). In order for school to be closed, a specific message and mention of Holy Name High School will be necessary. Simply seeing that the Parma City School district is closed no longer means that Holy Name has automatically cancelled classes and after school activities for the day.

The canceling of after school activities (clubs and athletic practices or contests) because of a calamity day will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If we feel that activities can resume and all students involved can participate safely, we will communicate that decision with coaches and families in as prompt a manner as possible.

Please keep in mind that as a parent, if you feel that your student should not attend school based on weather conditions, we respect your prerogative. We simply ask that if this is the case, that you report your student’s absence promptly by phone according to our school policy.

As always, thank you for entrusting your children to us. We take our role as educators, coaches, and mentors seriously and strive to do the best for the HN community.


Shelbrey L. Blanc