Holy Name was honored to host Bishop Nelson J. Perez, the new Bishop of Cleveland, on Tuesday, October 17. Bishop Perez celebrated Mass with our students, encouraging them to always remember the following: “Never, never, never underestimate the power of God’s spirit working in you, through you and despite you.” During the Mass, our principal, Mrs. Blanc, presented Bishop Perez with a spiritual bouquet from the entire student body. In the spiritual bouquet, students shared prayers and acts of kindness that they would offer in thanksgiving for Bishop Perez.

After Mass, Bishop Perez received a tour of Holy Name, led by several of our student ambassadors. He joined them for lunch, where he learned more about Holy Name and our school’s rich history and tradition. The students were happy to give Bishop Perez some final gifts, including a Holy Name fleece sweatshirt, and items made with the 3D Printer!

Thank you, Bishop Perez, for visiting Holy Name and sharing your enthusiasm and love for the Church with all of us. We look forward to having you back with us in the future!