When traveling to Holy Name to start school next week, you will notice construction on Snow Road, as well as on Layor Drive and Queens Highway. This is because the Columbia Gas Company is putting in new gas lines for the residents that live in the neighborhoods surrounding Holy Name. The project began several weeks ago and continues in full force as of today, Wednesday, August 14.

Mrs. Blanc spoke with the project foreman today, and he told her that construction on Layor Drive should be completed on Monday, August 19 – the day before school begins for freshmen. However, he anticipates that construction on Queens Highway will continue until the week of August 26.

With this in mind, we ask that all parent and student drivers exercise extreme caution when coming to and leaving school. Workers, as well as a lot of equipment, will be on the roadway. Going slow is always the best option in this situation. Do not try to quickly maneuver around workers; take your time.

Additionally, we share this construction news so that everyone is aware of possible delays on both main roads and side streets near Holy Name. Please give yourself extra time to get to school each morning so you arrive on-time.

We also remind everyone that during school days, Layor Drive and Queens Highway are one-way streets until 3 p.m., Monday – Friday. When coming to Holy Name, please enter via Layor Drive ONLY. When leaving, please exit via Queens Highway ONLY. This is in effect all school days, not just during construction periods.