Hello Holy Name High School Families,

In the wake of the injustice and the death of George Floyd, Holy Name High School stands in solidarity with all families, past and present, both locally and nationally, who have experienced such hatred and loss.

We educate young men and women to proclaim the Gospel, live Christ-like lives, and accept and respect every dimension of diversity. Through this process of becoming responsible and caring citizens of our local and global community, our students discover their potential and value with each other.

We acknowledge that racism and prejudice is not only a historical pandemic, but is also alive and prevalent today. Holy Name vows to never turn a blind eye to defamation, and promises to cultivate within its students, faculty, administration, staff, and coaches an admiration for a diverse community who can work together toward inclusion and equality.

Holy Name prays that the global community finds courage and strength to move beyond just hopes and dreams, as well as unified fortitude to work with others to make justice and equality a reality for all people.

Please pray with us as a community the Prayer for Solidarity from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Almighty and ever-living God,
empower your one human family to join hands
on our journey of faith.
Send us your spirit of hope,
so that we may work
to alleviate human suffering
and foster charity and justice
in our world.

Mrs. Shelbrey Blanc, Principal
Mr. Jason J. Reed, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Mrs. Karen Carter, Assistant Principal
Mr. Michael Sullivan, Assistant Principal