Frank DiMarino Memorial Golf Outing

The annual Frank DiMarino Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017 at Ridgewood Golf Course in Parma. All proceeds will benefit the Holy Name High School Frank DiMarino Scholarship Fund, which awards two, $1,000 scholarships to deserving students each year.

The cost is $100 per golfer, or $40 for dinner only.

For tickets or more information, contact Tracy DiMarino Lewis ’05 at 440-227-1657 or at, or Jim DiMarino at 330-993-7259 or at

Holy Name is grateful to continue Mr. DiMarino’s legacy through this scholarship, and we thank all who continue to support it year after year.

OHSAA Fall Parent Meeting and Sports Picture Dates Announced

A mandatory OHSAA Fall Sports Parent Meeting will be held on Monday, August 7 at 7 p.m. in the Holy Name Main Gym. The parent meeting will last no longer than 30 minutes. Parents/guardians who have student-athletes on any fall sports team are expected to attend.

Additionally, the Fall Sports Picture Day has been set for Monday, August 14 at 10 a.m. Senior captains should expect to come 30 minutes earlier so they are included in a photo for the front of the Fall Sports Program Book.

Holy Name Cafeteria Cashier Needed

The Holy Name High School Cafeteria is looking for a cashier to work during lunch periods this upcoming school year. The hours are 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If interested, please call the Holy Name Main Office at 440-886-0300 ext. 120.

HN Cheerleading Fundraiser

Support Holy Name’s cheerleaders this weekend at their fundraiser, taking place Saturday, June 17 from 7-10 p.m. at Flyers Bar & Grill in Parma Heights! Tickets are $25 per person, and include food and drink. Other raffles will also be available. Tickets can be purchased at the door that night!

Underclassmen End-of-Year Awards Announced

Junior Awards (Class of 2018)

Class Officer and Student Council Awards

Junior Class President – Greg Hustak
Junior Class Vice President – Meaghan Vrabel

Senate Members: Hailey Lawler, Marissa Reid, Nicole Sabol and Sarah Sparks

Extracurricular Activity Awards

Academic Challenge Participation Award: Cameron Kalic and Collin Ryan

Drama – Outstanding Performance in “Seussical”: Kayla Gerogosian
Drama Spirit Award: Anna Regan

Journalism Achievement Award: Cecelia Johanni

Perfect Attendance during Junior Year: Andrew Bleakley, Zachary Hahn, Dylan Harrington, Cady Newman, Sarah Sparks, John Stout, Hanna Vannello, Meaghan Vrabel and Julia Wright

Academic Awards

Excellence in Geometry: Kristen Brickner and Anna Regan
Excellence in Honors Pre-Calculus: Zach Spaulding
Excellence in Pre-Calculus: Cady Newman
Excellence in AP Calculus: Meaghan Vrabel

Excellence in Honors Anatomy and Physiology: Jenna Opincar, Nicole Sabol, Lucas Van Niel and Meaghan Vrabel
Excellence in Honors Chemistry: Allyson Stibley
Excellence in Chemistry: Andrew Bleakley, Zachary Hahn, Melissa Loszack and Henry Zeller
Excellence in Honors Physics: Julia Dreher, Cameron Kalic, Daneal Rybak and Matthew Springer

Excellence in English: Kacie Mancuso, Sarah Sparks and Lucas Van Niel

Excellence in Digital Arts: Tommy McNamara
Excellence in Fine Art: Karen Nemeth
Excellence in Photography: Marissa Reid
Excellence in Digital Media: Sarah Sparks
Excellence in Ceramics: Jacob Westfall

Outstanding Musician Award: Olivia Calafato, Kayla Gerogosian and Collin Ryan

Excellence in CCP Civilizations: Julia Wright
Excellence in AP U.S. Government: Cameron Kalic and Megan McDonald

Excellence in French: Margaret Thompson
Excellence in Latin III: Joseph Petrilla
Excellence in Honors Spanish III: Megan McDonald, Allyson Stibley and Meaghan Vrabel
Excellence in Spanish III: Cameron Kalic
Excellence in Spanish II: Taylor Mountcastle and Diana Popa

Special Awards

Yale Book Award: Megan McDonald
Notre Dame Club of Cleveland Book Award: Julia Dreher

First Honors (3.6 GPA or higher) after five (5) semesters of work:

Evan Andrews
Hannah Arison
Logan Banaszak-Krause
Megan Baranuk
Andrew Bleakley
Jesse Bokisa
Kristen Brickner
Olivia Calafato
Joseph Carter
Sarah Cvitkovich
Anna Cvitkovich
Andrew DeVito
Rian Dillon
Julia Dreher
Makenzie Dutton
Luke Fulop
Kayla Gerogosian
Evan Graham
Audrianna Janowitz
Cecelia Johanni
Danielle Joseph
Cameron Kalic
Grace Kasunic
Michael Koehn
Abigail Kraynik
Victoria Krock
Bryce Lane
Hailey Lawler
Melissa Loszack
Meghan Maguire
Kacie Mancuso
Emily Marflak
Megan McDonald
Jacob Miller
Emanuel Miranda
Cady Newman
Jenna Opincar
Anthony Oppedisano
Joseph Pesta
Daniel Peters
Joseph Petrilla
Diana Popa
Matthew Priebe
Anna Regan
Collin Ryan
Daneal Rybak
Nicole Sabol
Brian Scalfano
Eric Scalfano
Sarah Sparks
Zach Spaulding
Matthew Springer
Allyson Stibley
Brandon Styers
Margaret Thompson
Lucas Van Niel
Hanna Vannello
Meaghan Vrabel
Julia Wright
Henry Zeller

Second Honors (3.0 GPA or higher) after five (5) semesters of work:

Casandra Bily
Madison Bizzi
John Blake
Kevin Clarke
Ryan Clarke
Dwayne Cohill Jr.
Nathan Crabbs
Charles Cvitkovich
Michael Dalton
Erin Dial
Claire Ditzel
Paul Donnelly
Mary Dzurik
Jaret Fallon
Sarah Farris
Bradley Faur
Joel Fitzgerald
Allison Gray
Josef Gruber
Elizabeth Haas
Zachary Hahn
Kelsey Harmon
Dylan Harrington
Greagory Hustak
Destiny Jackson
Kelly Keefe
Brady Kern
Morgan Kowalski
Brendan Laboda
Evan McCarthy
Thomas McNamara
Jonathan Minnich
Taylor Mountcastle
Kathryn Narolewski
Karen Nemeth
Kyle Nikolet
Marissa Reid
Olivia Riedel
Celia Rivera
Madelynn Schuckert
Hanna Searles
Molly Searles
Alyssa Stoffko
John Stout
Declan Walsh

Sophomore Awards (Class of 2019)

Class Officer and Student Council Awards

Sophomore Class President: McKenna Keir
Sophomore Class Vice President: Michelle Rings

Extracurricular Activity Awards

Outstanding Drama Performance Award: Tess Smith

Academic Challenge Participation Award: Zachary Milko, Michelle Rings and Nicholas Schuler

Perfect Attendance during their Sophomore Year: Rosario Conforto, Brianna Dzierzawski, Liam McCormick, Alexandra Mehlman, James Meyer, Nicholas Negron, Rachel Polander, Nicholas Schuler, Carly Soreo, Sydney Tober, Keith Wadley and Daniel Wimsett

Academic Awards

Excellence in Fine Art: Natalie Wolf
Excellence in Fine Art – Photography: Edlisa Santiago

Excellence in Outstanding Musician Award: Elizabeth DeSantis-Miller and Zachary Milko

Excellence in French: Tess Smith
Excellence in Latin: Lindsey Heben
National Latin Exam Cum Laude: Nicholas Schuler
National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude: Liam McCormick
National Latin Exam Maxima Cum Laude: Lindsey Heben
Excellence in Spanish II: Elizabeth Briggs, Ryan Byrne, Alyssa Dedinsky, Aidan Hickey, Skylar Hirz, Ariana Marflak, Izabella McCune, Brendan Ward and Bridget Werling
Excellence in Honors Spanish II: Delaney Hancock and Michelle Rings

Excellence in Honors Algebra II with Trigonometry: Nicholas Schuler
Excellence in Algebra II: Alexandra Mehlman and Natalie Wolf
Excellence in Honors Geometry: Michelle Rings

Excellence in CCP American History: Tess Smith

Excellence in Honors English II: Tess Smith
Excellence in Honors English II – Insightful Discussion and Class Participation: Keith Wadley
Excellence in English II – Leadership: AnnMarie Edwards and Allexus Moir
Exceptional Ability in Public Speaking: Lindsey Heben and Nicholas Schuler

Excellence in Honors Biology: Nicholas Schuler
Excellence in Biology: Ryan Byrne, Mary Lysobey, James Meyer, Rachel Polander and Katie Svenson
Excellence in Honors Chemistry: Tara McClenaghan

First Honors (3.6 GPA or higher) after three (3) semesters of work:

Madison Alberty
Grace Breslin
Elizabeth Briggs
Ryan Byrne
Alyssa Dedinsky
Elizabeth DeSantis-Miller
Somiya Faust
Jessica Galla
Alana Gassman
Delaney Hancock
Lindsey Heben
Aidan Hickey
Skylar Hirz
Kayla Jarosz
Richard Juergens
Joni Kilo
Brooke Kowalski
Hannah Kupetz
Allison Lampert
Mary Lysobey
Tara McClenaghan
Izabella McCune
James Meyer
Zachary Milko
Kaleigh Moreno
Kathleen Murphy
Tyler Neal
Kathryn Ocilka
Rachel Pierce
Michelle Rings
Edlisa Santiago
Nicholas Schuler
Tess Smith
Carly Soreo
Emily Springer
Jeremy Sprosty
Katherine Svenson
Brooke Tomko
Keith Wadley
Brendan Ward
Natalie Wolf
Sylvia Zeller
Kalin Zuchowsky

Second Honors (3.0 GPA or Higher) after three (3) semesters of work:

Grace Abraham
Brian Adams
Josue Avila
Claire Bourquin
Rosario Conforto
Matthew Crane
Skyler Crane
Magdalen Dadas
Emilia Denerville
Mikayla Dolbin
Brianna Dzierzawski
Richard Farris
Thomas Fenton
Peter Fox
Alex Gonzalez
Maria Greco
Kalli Harmon
Tobyn Hill
Clark Iorio
Hanson Jiang
James Kantor
McKenna Keir
Miguel Ladisla
Kelly Lynch
Ariana Marflak
Michael Matisko
Liam McCormick
Victoria McGinty
Alexandra Mehlman
Claire Murphy
Evan Nicholas
Rachel Polander
Matthew Sawicki
Joseph Schmock
Sarah Stanton
Sydney Tober
Caitlyn Tunney
Sean Wallace
Jillian Wiesler
Justin Yarina

Freshman Awards (Class of 2020)

Class Officer and Student Council Awards

Freshman Class President: Austin Hojdar
Freshman Class Vice President: Katherine Reardon

Extracurricular Awards

Academic Challenge Participation Award: Kaeleigh Patriski and Teresa Raba

Excellence in Drama: Austin Hojdar
Drama Newcomer Award: Matthew Stracensky

Perfect Attendance during Freshman Year: Michael Corrigan, William Dolan, Sean Ehrbar, Benjamin Fulop, Thadeaus Henry, Madeline Jurec, Angelina Koch, Kaelyn Kraley, Kevin McLoughlin, Nicholas Mercuri, Kaeleigh Patriski, Katherine Reardon and Matthew Stracensky

Academic Awards

Excellence in Fine Art: Hannah Martinez
Excellence in Photography: Kaeleigh Patriski

Outstanding Musician Award: Savannah Dawson and Matthew Stracensky

Excellence in French: Gino Mogorovic and Jared Sanderell
National Latin Exam Magna Cum Laude: Kaelyn Kraley, Kevin McLoughlin, Ryan Werner and Olivia Whitecar
National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude: Matthew Stracensky
Excellence in Spanish I: Lauren Borchert, Angelina Koch, Kristin Opincar, Teresa Raba, Katherine Reardon, Megan Stibley and Nathan Van Niel

Excellence in Honors World History: Lauren Borchert, Adam Rini, Megan Stibley and Matthew Stracensky

Excellence in Algebra I: Anthony Marchetta and Caitlin Masters
Excellence in Honors Algebra I: Adam Rini
Excellence in Algebra II: Megan Stibley
Excellence in Honors Algebra II: Matthew Stracensky
Excellence in Honors Algebra II with Trigonometry: Katherine Reardon

Excellence in English – Superb Critical Reading Skills: Megan Stibley
Excellence in English – Superb Analytical Writing Skills: Matthew Stracensky

Excellence in Honors Biology: Lauren Borchert, Kevin McLoughlin, Katherine Reardon, Jared Sanderell, Megan Stibley and Matthew Stracensky
Excellence in Biology: Brennan Dickey
Excellence in Physical Science: Gino Mogorovic, Caroline Oebker and Samantha Snow

Excellence in Health: Lauren Borchert and Matthew Stracensky

First Honors (3.6 GPA or higher) after one (1) semester of work:

Rachael Baranuk
Adele Begue
Rebecca Bierut
Lauren Borchert
Robert Britton
Savannah Dawson
Brennan Dickey
Sabrina Eink
Dominik Frantisak
Benjamin Fulop
Chloe Geither
Mason Hancock
Audrey Harrington
Clare Hildebrandt
Austin Hojdar
Francesca Jablonski
Madeline Jurec
Nolan Kachmar
Jacob Kijanski
Angelina Koch
Kaelyn Kraley
Madison Krause
Claire Krisinski
Zachary Lepkowski
Anthony Marchetta
Caitlin Masters
Kaleigh McGreal
Kevin McLoughlin
Gino Mogorovic
Grace Moley
David Muro
Anna Nosek
Caroline Oebker
Kristin Opincar
Kaeleigh Patriski
Teresa Raba
Danielle Ramser
Josephine Razayeski
Katherine Reardon
Adam Rini
Jared Sanderell
Abigail Schad
Sadee Schlund
Alexa Sieger
Rocco Sladky
Samantha Snow
Megan Stibley
Matthew Stracensky
Nathan Van Niel
Drew Vlcek
Lauren Whetstone
Olivia Whitecar

Second Honors (3.0 GPA or higher) after one (1) semester of work:

Eric Arce
Christopher Bell
Spencer Bellina
Cecilia Benedict
James Bourdess
Angela Branco
Antonia Butorac
Amelia Buzinski
Leonard Cahill Jr.
Brianna Caraballo
Anthony Carter
Evan Csuhran
Aidan Dalton
Jacob Demko
Simon DeVito
William Dolan
Faith Donnelly
John Dudas
Nathan Dzuroff
Will Ehrbar
Samuel Esposito
Sydney Falardeau
Alex Federer
Richard Forgach
Shannon Fosnaught
Rene Fuentes
Jake George
Myra Gibens-Nunez
Luke Gribble
Gerald Gunsley
Elizabeth Heuser
Kaylie Johnson
Naiah Leon
Wen Lin
Annie Mackovjak
Jennifer Mansfield
Analise Miranda
Jack Mohar
Cassidy Murphy
Cead Nolan
Joseph Poremsky
Noah Prevost
Quentin Richardson
Alexis Rodriguez
Audrianna Sadosky
Alexis Salvatore
Ana Santiago
Lauren Searles
Haylie Sowell
Sean Springer
Amanda To
Nicholas Veauthier
Alexander Viancourt
Connor Walsh
Ryan Werner
Annessa Whitlow
Michael Yarina
Maura Yatsko
Molly Zickes

Annual Art Show Honors Talented Students

Annual Art Show Honors Talented Students

At the end of the school year, Holy Name held its annual Art Show, showcasing the talented paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramics and other works of art created by students in various grade levels.

Congratulations to those students who received special recognition at the Art Show:

Best in Show: Karen Nemeth ’18
Runner-Up: Carolyn Lloyd ’17
Honorable Mention: Hayley Workman ’17, Colleen Beckloff ’17, Nicholas Koch ’17 and Liz Rikard ’17

Best in Show – Photography: Grace Kasunic ’18

Best in Show – Ceramics: Kayla Jarosz ’19

Class of 1967 Reunion at Brennan’s Party Center

Members of the Class of 1967: The 50-year class reunion will be held at Brennan’s Party Center on Saturday, June 3, 2017. More details will be sent out. If you have questions, please contact Holy Name and we can put you in touch with a Class of 1967 reunion planner.

Deadline Extended: Holy Name Planning Survey Now Open Until June 15!

If you have already taken the 2017 Holy Name High School Planning Survey, thank you! Your feedback and constructive comments are much appreciated.

If you have not taken the survey yet, we are in need of your input, and have extended the survey completion deadline to Thursday, June 15. Your thoughts on plans and priorities are important to us, and will help us during the process of building a five-year blueprint for Holy Name.

To take the survey, please go to

All students, alumni, faculty, parents and friends are invited to share their best thinking on Holy Name, our mission and our vision for the future.