Alumni Profile: Colleen Morris Lorber ’98


Colleen Morris Lorber ’98, Ph.D.

Colleen Morris Lorber ’98, Ph.D.


Ph.D. in School Psychology, Duquesne University
M.Ed. in School Psychology, Duquesne University
B.S. in Psychology, Allegheny College

Current Profession:

Chief Operating Officer, psi, the largest private provider of educational and health services to schools

What activities were you involved with as a student at Holy Name?

Volleyball (all 4 years)
Basketball (only 2 years)
Campus Ministry: Act 17 and other prayer groups

Who was your favorite teacher and/or what was your favorite subject?

Mr. Ehrbar – he taught me to stay true to my convictions. I distinctly remember the day he talked me out of one of my arguments and I gave in. He paused and said, “Ms. Morris, you were right in the first place…don’t give up on yourself.” A moment I have never forgotten.

What is your fondest memory of Holy Name?

The bonds I made with all my classmates. We just had our 20-year reunion and it was like we hadn’t skipped a beat. I know I have a solid group of classmates that I could reach out to for help at any time and that is not something I believe you find in all high school experiences.

Colleen Morris Lorber ’98, Ph.D.

How did Holy Name prepare you for your life as an adult?

The academic rigor I experienced at Holy Name prepared me for my entire undergraduate and graduate college educational career and success. When my collegiate peers were struggling through writing papers or high college expectations, I did not because of the way Holy Name held us to the highest of standards.

Holy Name provided me with the solid foundation to think for myself and to learn from both successes and failures, which has allowed me to continue to experience the lifelong learning I pursue throughout my career and life.

What does Holy Name mean to you?

Holy Name is a home that I know I could go back to at any time and feel welcomed. The indescribable bond I feel toward Holy Name will be something I carry forever.