Alumni Profile: George Palko ’83


George Palko ’83

George Palko ’83, M.B.A.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University, Fenn College
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Cleveland State University

Current Profession:

President & CEO, The Great Lakes Construction Co.

What activities were you involved with as a student at Holy Name?

National Honor Society and Wrestling.

Who was your favorite teacher and/or what was your favorite subject?

Mr. Richard Donovan, Geometry.

What is your fondest memory of Holy Name?

A great start to every day with homeroom teacher, Mr. Donovan.

How did Holy Name prepare you for your life as an adult?

Holy Name High School started me on the path of critical thinking and discipline, which was used in furthering my education and is now used in everyday life.

George Palko ’83, M.B.A.

What does Holy Name mean to you?

A place I received a great education that prepared me well for my future. I forged many lasting relationships with fellow students and faculty.