Alumni Profile: George Selim ’98


George Selim ’98

George Selim ’98, M.A.


Bachelor’s Degree, Walsh University in North Canton, OH
Master’s Degree, Georgetown University in Washington, DC

Current Profession:

Senior Vice President of Programs at the Anti-Defamation League

What activities were you involved with as a student at Holy Name?

I played football for all four years and was involved in campus ministry and student government.

Who was your favorite teacher and/or what was your favorite subject?

This is tough. Mr. Ehrbar for his amazing talent to make young freshmen excited about learning history (as well as being a great football coach), and Mrs. Carter for teaching me how to register to vote and helped spark my interest in working for the Federal Government.

What is your fondest memory of Holy Name?

There are too many found memories to list, but one that stands out to me is the Seniors vs. Faculty basketball game my senior year. I got to play in the game and we beat the faculty, that felt great.

How did Holy Name prepare you for your life as an adult?

Holy Name helped prepare me for the complexities of adult life in many ways. First, it gave me a great academic foundation that helped get me through undergrad and graduate school. Second, my HN experience taught me the importance of service to both community and country, which have been critical guide posts in my personal and professional life. Third, Holy Name helped teach me what it means to be part of a community. HN faculty, staff, and alumni have been great friends and mentors through the years, and that is why 20 year after graduating I am still regularly involved in HN and always looking for ways to support my alma mater.

George Selim ’98, M.A.

What does Holy Name mean to you?

Holy Name was and continues to be an important part of my life 20 years after graduating. It is reassuring for me to know that as we all watch polarization and division play out on the news day-to-day across the globe, that there are still places like Holy Name that nurture and inspire the next generation of young people committed to faith, family, and service of others.