Alumni Profile: Pat Chun ’92


Pat Chun ’92

Pat Chun ’92


Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University
Master’s Degree from Duquesne University

Current Profession:

Director of Athletics at Washington State University

What activities were you involved with as a student at Holy Name?

I wrote for the school paper and sat the bench for the football team!

Who was your favorite teacher and/or what was your favorite subject?

Dave Wilks was my freshman English teacher and the head football coach. Watching him pour his heart into the school and the football program gave me the opportunity to see my first great example of a teacher and coach.

How did Holy Name prepare you for your life as an adult?

Some of the most meaningful friendships I have in my life started decades ago at Holy Name High School. Those same friends have supported and guided me throughout my life.

Pat Chun ’92

What does Holy Name mean to you?

For over a century, Holy Name High School has delivered a unique experience of blending faith and academics for countless numbers of high school students. The Holy Name experience has impacted lives for the better, and the school will continue to serve the greater Cleveland community.