Student Dress Code

Neatness, cleanliness and appropriateness are important in producing a serious academic atmosphere. THE DRESS CODE IS IN EFFECT FROM THE TIME A STUDENT ARRIVES IN THE MORNING UNTIL HE OR SHE LEAVES THE BUILDING AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY.  Wherever they go, our students should be aware that they represent Holy Name High School and their appearance should reflect well on the school.
It is the responsibility of all students, as well as their parents, to cooperate with the school and to conform to the spirit as well as the letter of the dress code. Please do not allow your child to leave for school in violation of the dress code.
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On any school day, students may wear:
1. Any Holy Name non-hooded fleece pullover purchased from the Team Shop.
2. Any approved Holy Name logo sweater purchased from Schoolbelles. The only sweaters allowed are Holy Name logo sweaters.
3. Any non-hooded Holy Name sweatshirt. No cut-up or modified sweatshirts.
4. Non-hooded Holy Name team outerwear is permissible.
5. On Fridays only, a long-sleeved or short-sleeved Holy Name T-shirt may be worn over the regular school uniform.
6. Only seniors may wear sweaters purchased from stores other than Schoolbelles. It must be non-hooded, at least waist-length and of a knitted material. No fleece wear other than what is mentioned above is permissible.

Under any sweater, HN sweatshirt, or HN T-shirt a young man’s shirt collar and tie must be visible, and a young lady’s collar must be visible.

Athletic teams must obtain permission to wear team jerseys from the assistant principal responsible for student activities. Jackets or hooded sweatshirts may not be worn or carried to class. Jackets worn to school may not display cult symbols, WWE, rock groups, gang insignias or other high school logos.

All students must wear socks.[/toggle_item]
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Boys in all grades may wear any solid colored dress shirt, with the exception of the color black, with traditional collar and sleeves. The top button of the shirt must be buttoned. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shirts may not be of denim material. If an undershirt is worn under the shirt, only a solid white undershirt may be worn.


Shirts are to be worn with properly tied neckties. Ties must extend to the student’s belt. Ties worn to school must be appropriate for a Catholic school. Bow and string ties are not to be worn.


Boys must wear dress slacks or “Docker-style” pants with standard pockets. They must be neat, clean, fitted appropriately and properly worn. Pants must be worn at the traditional waist level. Jeans and jean look-a-likes (determined by the presence of studs, “patch” pockets, etc.) are not permitted.  Slack/pant colors are limited to the colors of black, dark brown, navy, dark green, khaki and gray. Leather belts must be worn with pants/slacks having belt loops. No studded, cloth or athletic belts are to be worn.

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Girls must wear a black watch plaid skirt provided by Schoolbelles. A minimum of a twenty inch length is required and the skirt is to be no more than two inches above the knee.


All girls have the option of wearing khaki relaxed-fit pants all year long. The pants must be purchased from Schoolbelles and must have the Schoolbelles logo on the back pocket.

Girls Leg Wear

Socks and tights are the only permissible leg-wear. All leg-wear must be opaque (not sheer). Socks may not be worn above the knees. If tights are worn, they must be of the following solid colors: black, navy, white, gray or dark green. No stirrup socks may be worn.

Uniform Tops

All girls have the option of wearing the white or green (long or short sleeved) banded over-blouse with Holy Name embroidered on it. These must be purchased from Schoolbelles. They also have the option of wearing a traditional, non-fitted white oxford blouse with a button-down collar. These may also be long or short sleeved. These do not have to be purchased from Schoolbelles although Schoolbelles can provide them. If an oxford is worn, it must be tucked into the skirt at all times. It cannot be bloused under.

If a shirt is worn under the blouse or over-blouse only a solid green or white shirt may be worn.


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Acceptable: Black or brown, closed-toe dress shoes. Shoes must be made of suede or leather. Birkenstock-style clogs may be worn.

Shoes with laces must be tied.

Unacceptable: Any athletic, imitation-athletic, (Pumas, Vans, Etnies, Sambas, etc.), sandals, cloth or canvas flats, slippers,moccasins, ballet flats, opened toed shoes, Crocs, etc.




Black or brown, closed-toe dress shoes. Shoes must be made of suede or leather. Birkenstock-style clogs may be worn.


Black or brown, closed-toe dress shoes. Shoes must be made of suede or leather. Birkenstock-style clogs may be worn. Shoes with laces must be tied. From December 1 through April 1 hiking boots may be worn.