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By igniting your spirit and inspiring your future, Holy Name doesn’t just prepare you for college, we prepare you for life! As a Holy Name student, you are given more than a set curriculum with set courses. Instead, you learn to think for yourself, to be accountable for yourself, and to be open-minded to both new ideas and different people. If you decide to make Holy Name your high school, you will find out that we not only focus on you academically, but we also help you grow as a person, spiritually, socially, and morally. From classes and retreats, to rallies and football games, you are bound to find a lot of things to love about our school. This section of our website has been set up especially for those who would like to know more about our school. If you are interested in receiving additional information regarding Holy Name and/or our Shadowing Program, contact our Interim Director of Admissions, Mr. Trace Althoff, at 440-886-0300, ext. 100. Holy Name also will hold a Fall Open House.

If you currently attend a Catholic elementary school, you will be receiving a diocesan application from your eighth grade teacher in early January 2018. Your application should be completed and returned to your elementary school by Friday, January 19, 2018. Your official grade school records and the diocesan application will be sent to the first choice school only. On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Holy Name will mail out all admission decision letters to the students.

If you currently attend a Public School or a Non-Diocesan Private School and wish to apply to Holy Name High School, you can download the Application and the Authorization to Release School Records forms by accessing the Admissions Applications/Forms section below. Please have your application and school records sent to Holy Name High School by Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Admissions Staff

Interim Director of Admissions: Mr. Trace Althoff

Assistant Director of Admissions: Mrs. Emily Yaya ’10

Assistant Admissions Administrators:
Mrs. Karen Carter
Mrs. Mary Wallace ’85
Dan Wondolowski

Call Admissions at 440-886-0300 x 100

Interested in learning more about Holy Name High School? Join us for a day through our Shadowing Program. Paired up with a Namer, you can experience firsthand the Holy Name spirit through classes, activities, sports and spending time with the students and faculty who make up the Holy Name family.

Holy Name Shadowing Guidelines Form

Holy Name Shadowing Permission Form

Open House

Please check with your school’s visitation policy before scheduling a visit. To learn about our Shadow dates and/or arrange a visit, please call the Assistant Director of Admissions, Mrs. Emily Yaya at 440-886-0300, ext. 145.

We are a growing institution with very close teacher-student interaction. For acceptance to our school, you must complete either the Catholic Diocese Application, the Non-Diocesan Private School Application or the Public School Application. You must also submit your complete elementary school records and standardized test scores, and you must take the Holy Name High School Placement Test. In addition, we highly encourage you to submit one letter of recommendation from a 7th or 8th grade teacher, coach or moderator. Upon receipt of all required documents, we will make our admissions decision and mail out letters.


Applications, recommendation, transfer, and authorization forms can be found in the Admissions Applications/Forms Tab.

To view our Academic Profile click here.

To access the Public/Non-Catholic School Applicationclick here.

To access the Holy Name Recommendation (for Public or Non-Diocesan School Students)click here.

To access the Transfer Application, click here.

To access the Authorization to Release School Recordsclick here.

  • 99% of Holy Name Students Go on to College
  • 15:1 Student:Teacher Ratio
  • Average of 23 Students per Class
  • Faculty & Staff are Focused on Individual Needs of Students
  • Earn College Credit on Campus through the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program
  • More than 100 Students Enrolled in the CCP Program
  • Many Honors & AP Courses Offered
  • Strong School Spirit
  • Affordable Tuition along with a Great Education
  • Financial Aid Available by filing the PSAS Form
  • Academic, Placement Test, Music & Endowment Scholarships Available
  • Chapel is the Heart of our Campus
  • Many Extracurricular Clubs & Organizations
  • Strong Athletic Programs

Admissions Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.