The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to helping each student appreciate, enjoy and participate in the various disciplines of the fine arts. The student will develop abilities, resources and skills while exercising an outlet for creative thoughts and actions. Associated with this purpose is the enrichment of the student’s cultural and stylistic awareness through exposure to arts concepts, vocabularies and activities. Students will learn the importance of a strong work ethic, while exercising creative problem solving. A quality arts program is an integral part of a comprehensive education for our 21st century learners.


Policies, Requirements and Standards

Students will create and respond to art and music in a professional manner. Students should enroll in the Fine Arts as a vehicle for expression, as well as nurturing their awareness of various art and music styles and experiences. Students are expected to take their studies of the arts seriously. We provide artistic experiences for all ability levels while stressing the academic integrity of the Fine Arts as a vocation.


Department Requirements

One full credit in the Fine Arts is required for graduation. Fine Arts courses are typically offered in semester format, allowing .5 credit per course. Courses with prerequisites must be taken in sequence. Participation in course-related performances and exhibits is required.


Department Standards

Students are required to be prepared for class everyday. They are expected to bring the necessary materials, equipment and information to class each day to do their work, along with an open mind. All visual artwork is expected to be original and preferably drawn from observational studies. Students are required to participate in class actively and constructively. This also involves outside preparation and practice in order to reach areas of proficiency of the course material.

Attention during lectures, involvement in discussions and participation in critiques will be done with respect, with the goal of constructive feedback.

In addition to Fine Arts department standards, we require all writing assignments to be grammatically correct using the MLA format. All artistic and written work should be the student’s own work.


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts focus supports expressive, hands-on learning experiences centered with a strong core of technical skills. Students will sequentially explore and build upon the elements and principles of art in an atmosphere that supports positive learning experiences, including learning from your mistakes. Skills in the visual arts enhance the students’ observational as well as tactile skills. Core concepts in design, subject matter and composition enhance the students’ visual spatial understandings. Students are expected to build upon these core understandings to communicate their own thoughts, ideas and experiences visually.

Exploration of topics in art history and art criticism are offered alongside our curriculum to enhance student understandings of why artists choose to create and their reasons for making specific artistic decisions. This multi-disciplinary approach encompasses the importance of a well-rounded visual arts program that promotes not only technical skills, but the ability to see, respond and reflect on their own artwork as well as the work of others.

Courses Offered: Basic Design, Intermediate Design, Drawing & Painting, Ceramics & Sculpture, Portfolio, Independent Study, Popular Art & Music in America


Digital Media

The Art Department has invested a great deal in digital media, offering courses in Digital Photography, Advanced Photo/Graphic Design, and Digital Arts. Throughout the courses, students are working with industry-standard software and tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Wacom Drawing Tablets. Throughout their time in digital media courses, students learn how to professionally document and present their work, in both print and online formats. In advanced classes, students also work with filming, movie-making, and website creation.

Yearbook also plays a vital role in the digital media world at Holy Name. Students are responsible for successfully documenting and remembering the year through photographs and journalistic writings. Using an online software similar to Adobe InDesign, students learn how to create page layouts, printings standards, and book creation.

Courses Offered: Digital Photography, Advanced Digital Photography/Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Yearbook* (not a fine arts credit)



The Holy Name Music Department focuses on enhancing student musicianship through appropriate, challenging literature. Performance ensembles include Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Mixed Choir and String Ensemble. Within these groups, students learn musical technique, time management and suitable practice/rehearsal habits. Students also participate in community events such as professional sporting events, parades and church Masses. Students are expected to practice outside of the school day. Private lessons are encouraged.

At Holy Name, two written music classes are offered. Popular Art and Music in America is a co-curricular art and music history class co-taught with the Visual Arts Department. This course covers the history of American art and music beginning with modern styles developing during the turn of the 20th century. We explore thematic similarities with art and music based on political, social and economic factors unique to American history.

Music Theory is a course intended to introduce the student to the study and practice of music fundamentals and its possibilities. Although it is a written course, enrollment in a performance class or prior musical knowledge is recommended.

Courses Offered: Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Mixed Choir, Music Theory, Popular Art and Music in America


•   Written test and quizzes
•   Projects ( written, production and performance)
•   Effort
•   Innovation
•   Craftsmanship
•   Problem Solving
•  Constructive participation in class
•  Outside preparation
•  Meet expectations of activity


Activities Sponsored or Supported by the Fine Arts Department

Marching Band (credit course)
Yearbook (credit course)
Art Club
Film Club
Drama Club
Fall Drama Production
Spring Musical
Stage Crew & Set Design

Department Faculty



Mrs. Beth Ryan | Department Chairperson
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 431
Degree: B.A., Ursuline College
Degree: M.A., Case Western Reserve University

Mrs. Julie Brannigan
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 432
Degree: B.A./B.S., Cleveland Institute of Art


Mr. Evan Campus
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 406
Degree: B.M.E., University of Mount Union

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