The Mathematics Department of Holy Name High School is designed to help each student become a life-long problem solver. Courses are constructed to meet the needs of students with various abilities. It is our goal that students will develop a deep understanding of the necessity of mathematical competency and an appreciation for the technological world in which we live.  

Policies / Requirements / Standards

In compliance with state standards, the mathematics department requires students to take 4 years of mathematics. The mathematics department offers opportunities for students of all abilities to actively participate in a mathematics course.

All incoming Freshmen are placed into a math course using three benchmarks: junior high school grades, standardized test scores, and results of our placement exam.

Students are recommended for placement in future classes by their current mathematics teacher. Teachers will consider performance and grade requirements as listed in the curriculum guide.  

Department Faculty


Mrs. Joan Ehrbar | Department Chairperson
440-886-0300 ext. 408
A.B., John Carroll University
M.A., Kent State University

BorszMrs. Karen A. Borsz
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 401
Degree: B.S., Kent State University

KostansekMrs. Tessa Kostansek ’89
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 464
Degree: B.S., Baldwin-Wallace College  

KozMr. Michael Kozlowski
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 415
Degree: B.S.Ed., Ohio University
Degree: M.A., Cleveland State University  

MedrickMrs. Kathleen Medrick
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 424
Degree: B.S., Miami University  

RiniMrs. Gina Rini ’82
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 429
Degree: B.S., Ohio University
Degree: M.Ed., Cleveland State University  

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