The Business/Technology Department offers college preparatory studies for those students planning to major in business on the college/university level. The course offerings also provide an introduction for students who may be uncertain of the course of studies or career path they wish to pursue at the college level and wish to gain some insight into the world of business.

The department strives to acquaint students with moral values, intellectual competencies, and business skills as they apply to the economic world. It attempts to offer students academic courses that will enable them to develop means to meet the needs of society.

The department strongly recommends Microsoft Office for everyone since in today’s world it is becoming increasingly more important to be well-versed in technology in order to succeed in any career.

Students are required to participate in class actively and constructively. This involves outside preparation, attention during lectures and presentations, involvement in class discussions, and participation in projects and group activities.

Projects and assignments should be neatly done in accordance with the rules of good writing.


Students will be assessed on a variety of levels:

  • Written Tests and Quizzes
  • Oral Presentations
  • Projects
  • Group Work

Department Faculty


Mrs. Cynthia Farley
Phone: 440-886-0300 ext. 413
Degree: B.B.A., Cleveland State University
Degree: Bachelor Plus, Ashland University