Mr. Eugene T. Krakowiak Memorial Page

The Holy Name High School community would like to express their deepest sympathies on the death of Mr. Eugene T. Krakowiak, who was a legend in Holy Name’s history.  Our prayers are with the Krakowiak family at this difficult time.

Mr. Krakowiak began his career at Holy Name as an assistant principal in September of 1964.  He became the first lay principal in the Diocese of Cleveland in September of 1968.  He remained the principal until his retirement in June of 1996.  Mr. K was instrumental in relocating Holy Name High School from Harvard and Broadway to Parma Heights.  Many said it could not be done, but Mr. K and a group of dedicated people made it happen.  In

September of 2005, he returned to Holy Name as Administrator of

Institutional Advancement and held this position until December of 2009.  We are grateful for his thirty-six years of selfless service to Holy Name.  Mr. Krakowiak holds a special place in the hearts of those associated with Holy Name High School and he will be truly missed and never forgotten.

Mr. Krakowiak’s funeral mass will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 20 at Saint Columbkille Church on Broadview Road in Parma. To honor Mr. K’s memory, Holy Name has cancelled classes on Tuesday so that faculty, staff and students may attend the funeral mass.  Please reference the death notice in the Plain Dealer for wake times.

Thank You,

Holy Name High School

Words from the Holy Name Community:


“What a wonderful guy and my sympathy goes out to the family.” Joe Stavole, HN Alumni 2004


“I met Mr.K as an 8th Grader at St. Columbkille – he was instrumental in my choice of Holy Name for high school.  He even came to my high school graduation party and I will always treasure his gift to me, the Dr. Seuss book ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’ I will remember Mr. K’s big heart, his love of the Holy Name community and his kind and warm smile. I feel so blessed he touched my life.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Krakowiak family at this time of great loss.” Allie Boni, HN Alumni 2005 


“Thank you for remembering who we were and helping us to become who we are. Your example of faith and dedication will live on in the countless number of lives you touched. A true triple threat. Our thoughts, prayers and gratitude are with your family who shared you with us for so many years. Rest in peace Mr K.” Therese McCall, HN Alumni  1975



“He was truly an amazing man and will be missed. Thoughts and prayers to the family.”  Monique George, HN Alumni 1999


“I will always remember Mr. K for being a kind and compassionate principal.”  Heather Forsythe, HN Alumni 1988


“I am so honored to have attended HN while Mr. K was the principal.  He cared deeply for every student in his school and showed us daily. I will never forget the greetings he gave us each morning with a big smile on his face. To me, Mr. K WAS Holy Name! I will never forget!” Lisa Fortuna, HN Alumni 1990


“Just wanted to express my condolences to the entire Krakowiak family.  Mr.K’s core values, his love of life, the personal relationship with each and every student and love for OUR school will forever echo in my mind and the halls of Holy Name. I will never forget his retirement with our graduation. I cannot speak for everyone but I’m sure a vast majority of us feel grateful for having him as not only a principal but as human being.” Sam Rocco HN Alumni 1996


“Mr.K was such a wonderful man whose service to Holy Name will never be forgotten!”  Terri (Dy) Sivik, HN Alumni 1982 


“Thank you Mr. K for instilling such a wonderful, and tangible sense of school spirit and pride in all of us!  I am blessed to have known you.” Sharon Wiencek- Biemond, HN Alumni 1993


“Thank you Mr. K for everything you did. You will always be remembered.”  Doug Zubricky, HN Alumni 1992


“Aside from our parents, Mr. K was one of the most influential adult role models in our lives. We were blessed to have had him as our principal and to have known him. He lived an honorable and faithful life and he is with all the angels and saints in Heaven! All hail Holy Name!”  Mary Jo and John McCormick, HN Alumni 1985


“Mr. K can be described not only as a gentleman but as a gentle man – his warm, sincere smile would light up a room.  He had a quiet dignity about him that commanded respect while being sensitive and kind. He came to our daughter Allie’s high school graduation party and sat with some family members who had graduated from HN (when it was still on Broadway)and he laughed so hard at hearing the stories only a principal could totally appreciate! Anyone who knew Mr. K is devastated by his passing – but we also  find comfort in knowing he left quite a legacy and his good works will never be forgotten.  He was truly one of the kindest, most caring individuals to have ever walked this earth.” 

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Krakowiak family as you grieve over this great loss.  May God bless you all.” Bill & Phyllis Boni, HN Parent 


“Mr. K was such a kind and gentle man and whenever I saw him he always talked kindly of my parents, both proud 1940 HN Alumni.  Each time he told the same story of how my Dad had volunteered to help paint the old cafeteria, arriving early and staying late.  He came to both of their wakes which meant the world to me.  Rest in Peace Mr. K.” Kevin  Coleman, Friend & HN Alumni 1970


“Mr. K will be missed by many.  A wonderful man and wonderful family.  Sending loving thoughts and prayers to the Krakowiak family.” Becky Heasley-Pinney, HN Alumni 1990


“A wonderful man that lived what he ‘preached’…EXCELLENCE. I was blessed to have known him.  Thank you” Terri Madak, HN Alumni 1986


“All hail Mr. K!

‘Cause you were there everyday

Helping students make their grades.

Your spirit, we know,

Still leads on as we grow

In our careers or in our trades.

And down through the years

We will go on without fears

Due to your efforts, we’ll remain.

For you’ll be always in our hearts and thoughts

With dear old Holy name.” Ed Craft, HN Alumni 1968 


“Mr. K always had time for you whether the conversation concerned your classes, grades, or life after leaving the hallowed halls on Queens Highway. Or it could be to talk about life at home, the good and the bad things. He always had the time and the advice to give, no matter how busy he may have been at the time.”

Mr. K. gave his heart and soul 100% to each and every student who passed through that building.

And he never, ever forgot you after you graduated, be it a year or 25 years later.

We will all miss you my friend!!!!!

ALL HAIL HOLY NAME!!!!!!” Farid Abed, HN Alumni 1984


“He woud always be at the entrance to the Carrol every morning to say good morning and I will aways remember his morning announcement in the winter telling us to be very careful when changing classes and going from building to building on the fire escapes.  And to always be very proud to be a Green Wave Namer.  RIP.” Joyce (Krapinski) Cesarski, HN Alumni 1974


“To Barb and the entire Krakowiak family I am sorry for yout loss but as I close my eyes I see your dad standing and keeping watch outside of his office in the Carroll Bldg. A good man for sure. Pat Schultz (Opalach ’67), HN Alumni 1967 


“Mr. K was an exceptional man.  He was a wonderful leader as well as a kind and thoughtful man.  He took the time to listen and help out in any way that he could.  God Bless you, Mr. K.” Carole Soltis Bruck, HN Alumni 1981

“Gentleman, professional, humble role model!  Mr. Krakowiak was all that is best about Holy Name H.S.  He and his entire family—as well as the Namers he influenced are in our thoughts and prayers.” John Zigmond, Fellow employee


“Mr. K helped shape me and my classmates into the people we are today. As he frequently told us, our actions are direct reflections of Holy Name. I’d add that we are also reflections of him.” Kevin McNamara, HN Alumni 1984


“Mr. K. was a very nice man!  Three of his children taught at Holy Name!  They were all great people, though I only knew two of them well!  He will be missed!!” Bill McDonnell, HN Alumni 1990 


“So many thoughts so many memories. Mr. K was such a special person. I graduated from HN so many years ago and Mr. K still remembered me when our paths crossed over the years.” 

“I was blessed to have known him and am a better person for that experience.”

Karen Gaebelein, HN Alumni 1970


“Mr. Krakowiak was a respected and loved principal. My prayers go out for him and his family in this difficult time.” Lisa Romaniuk (Trombetto)  HN Alumni 1976

Thank you Mr. K for all the smiling memories you have forever etched in our hearts.   All students past, present and future will forever know your presence in the halls of Holy Name.  You are one class act!” Joanie Ehrbar HN Parent, Friend, and Fellow Employee.


“Truly one of the kindest people I have ever met.  His presence at HN was such a treat for all the workers and students.  His love for his family especially his wife was very obvious by the way he spoke of her and the others.  A great loss for all here. Peace and happiness as he enters God’s kingdom.” Debbie Rini HN Parent, & Family Member


“Mr K was an integral part of HN and his spirit, commitment to our school will never be forgotten.  HN lives because of Mr K.  No one will ever be ble to fill his shoes, we have lost a true icon and special human being.” Maureen Mayer (Cunningham 80),  HN Alumni 1980 & HN Parent  


“Mr. K was a great principal. I remember when I moved back to Cleveland from Seattle, I wanted to attend Holy Name as a freshman. When my mother called to register me, she was told there was a waiting list. When she asked to speak to Mr. K, he remembered my sister. He told my other to come by and see him. The next day we drove down to HN, and he met with us and helped me make out my schedule.

Thanks Mr. K for giving me personal time and a great high school experience.

My prayers are with your family.”  Holly Blanchfield-Woytek, HN Alumni 1987


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