The School’s The Thing!

Holy Name High School 

It was in the month of September 1914 that Holy Name High School first opened its doors as a four-year secondary, co-educational, Catholic high school. A saga was born. The school has grown steadily over the years, establishing and reinforcing a strong tradition, a proud history, an exciting spirit, and a rich heritage. Holy Name High School’s graduates now number over 17,500 located all over the world.

Make a NAME for yourself and be all that you can be at Holy Name High School. Here you’ll find the opportunities and encouragement that will unlock your true potential, ignite your passion for learning, and help you discover the unique individual God has created in you.

Holy Name doesn’t just prepare you for college; it prepares you for life. Holy Name remains true to one mission: To educate young men and women to proclaim the good news of the Gospel, empowering them to lead Christ-like lives, thus discovering their potential and value in the process of becoming responsible and caring citizens of the global community. Catch the wave of NAMER Inspiration with a most promising future… at Holy Name High School.

Academic Success

We have a tradition and reputation of academic excellence. For more than 100 years, we have offered our students a comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum and

individual attention that ensures their success. Over 99% of our students attend college after graduation, and over the past five years, our graduates have earned more than $50 million in merit-based scholarships and financial aid—an outstanding endorsement to the quality education they received at Holy Name!

Our smaller class sizes, enhanced program offerings, personalized guidance, and wide range of electives will give you a solid foundation on which to grow, while our nurturing environment will inspire your confidence and allow you to reach even farther than you dreamed.

We offer a college preparatory curriculum designed to meet the needs and challenges of all our students. You can earn valuable college credits through our advanced placement courses and dual enrollment offerings. Holy Name’s wide variety of honors programs offers you the type of in-depth learning opportunities that will give you a real advantage over other college-bound students.

Make a name for yourself academically through our wide and varied elective courses. From a course on Irish Literature to Concert Choir; from Marketing to Digital Photography, you’ll find courses that can expand your horizons, help you find new interests, and develop hidden talents.

Cutting Edge Technology

The future will belong to those who have the skills to take them there. That is why Holy Name is committed to continual technological advancement. Our library and computer labs offer our students and teachers broad technical capabilities.

Our networked computers offer users a choice of Windows and Mac platforms, and a wide variety of applications to support our academic programs and broaden student interest. Our MSDN Academic Alliance membership also allows Holy Name to receive the latest in Microsoft software. A carefully monitored campus-wide security system enhances school safety.

Learning becomes more dynamic through the use of technology such as interactive white boards to communicate and learn more effectively. We offer a web-based service, which provides a real-time link among students, teachers, and parents, allowing them to check grades, exchange e-mail, and even hold online conferences.

At Holy Name our students have real opportunities to put new skills to the test.

makeanameComplete Your Name – Student Activities 

Creating and completing your NAME through our electives and extracurricular activities is fun and offers many opportunities, and we have one to suit your style. Because there’s much more to the high school experience than academics, Holy Name offers numerous clubs and activities that can help you to further your outside interests or even discover a new one!

Cultivate your artistic side, strengthen your athletic interests, or really discover what you have to give the world through one of our many organizations. There’s something for everyone at Holy Name.

More information can be found on the HN Student Life Page

Academic Challenge
Art Club
Book Club
Campus Ministry
Catholic School Students for Peace and Justice (CSPJ)
Cenacle of Mary
Debate Club
Drama Club
Fall Drama
Fantasy Sports Club
Film Club
Fishing Club
French Club
Future Catholic Teachers Club

Game Club
Literary Magazine
Marching Band
Music Ministry
National Honor Society
Right to Life Club
School Yearbook
Service Organization
Ski Club
Spanish Club
Spring Musical
Student Government
“The Name” School Newspaper (Class)
Yearbook (Class)

HN Green Wave Athletics

You can build the confidence—and the friendships—that will last a lifetime as a member of the Green Wave. No matter what sport you’re interested in, at Holy Name our athletic program can give you the opportunity to discover new leadership skills, develop your winning drive, and encourage your ability—and desire—to contribute to the success of your team. Whether you participate as a member of a team or simply as a fan, being a part of the Green Wave will be an experience you will cherish your entire life.

At Holy Name, we’re proud of our tradition of athletic excellence and are committed to supporting our student athletes. You’ll enjoy our state-of-the-art athletic complex and gymnasium, and the support you’ll receive from our staff and spirited student body. Over the years, we have produced several state champions and numerous conference champs. But more importantly, we’ve produced graduates—men and women—who have the confidence to take on the world.

Holy Name is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and, depending on the sport, competes in either Division I, II, or III. We are also a member of the Great Lakes Conference, which includes Bay, Elyria Catholic, Normandy, Parma Senior, Rocky River, and Valley Forge High Schools.

• Baseball
• Basketball (Girls and Boys)
• Bowling
• Cheerleading
• Cross Country (Girls and Boys)
• Dance Team
• Drill Team
• Football
• Golf
• Lacrosse (Boys)
• Hockey
• Soccer (Girls and Boys)
• Softball
• Track and Field (Girls and Boys)
• Volleyball (Girls)
• Wrestling

More information can be found on the HN Athletics Website.

The Holy Name Spirit

“Made in the Image and Likeness of God.” Holy Name High School seeks to create and foster a school community in which all individuals are treated with dignity, integrity, and respect. And in light of this, every person has human dignity which Holy Name High School is committed to enhance and protect. For these reasons, the school community is one in which all faculty, students, and staff are entitled to pursue their fullest intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical potential.

Make a name for yourself through Campus Ministry, which is one of the most energetic groups at Holy Name. Our ministry is as diverse as those who comprise it. We are one in the Lord and one in the mission of the Church!

We are unique, not a program centered on the occasional retreat, but rather one that helps students to develop their relationship with God through a process of spirituality. Our program is shaped by a more than 100-year-old tradition of faith and built on a solid foundation – the most “Holy Name” of Jesus.

We are a Eucharistic-centered community of young believers enthusiastically living our faith, striving to grow stronger in the grace and goodness of God and one another! Our chapel is the center of our institution in which students pray or receive morning Eucharist every day.

Join us as we celebrate our growth in the Lord through:

All-Class Retreats
Bowling with the Disabled
Cenacle of Mary
Faith Formation Trips
Monthly Chapel Masses and Eucharistic Adoration
Monthly All-School Mass
Music Ministry
St. Joseph of Arimathea Pallbearer Society

More information can be found on the HN Ministry Page