Triple Threat Raffle Fundraiser

Thank you for your support of the Triple Threat Raffle! This raffle is a brand-new program to Holy Name for the 2018-2019 school year. By participating in the Triple Threat Raffle, you helped to support Holy Name and our commitment to developing the minds, bodies and spirits of the young men and women that we serve.

2018 Triple Threat Raffle Winners*

$10,000 Prize: Ticket #10963
Student Seller: Rebecca Bierut ’20, who wins $500 as the student seller of the winning ticket!

$5,000 Prize: Ticket #6576
Student Seller: Abigail Schad ’20

$2,500 Prize: Ticket #6100
Student Seller: Ricky Juergens ’19

$1,000 Prize: Ticket #7803
Student Seller: Katherine Reardon ’20

*Prizes may be subject to tax being withheld. Social security numbers will need to be collected from those winners in order to give them their winnings appropriately.

Students sold 10,866 tickets at $10 each, surpassing the goal set for 2018 and helping Holy Name to raise $108,660! As their special prize for hitting the goal, students will receive the Monday after Thanksgiving off (Monday, November 26).

Thank you to our special guests, Mark ‘Munch’ Bishop and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, for picking and announcing the winning tickets.

Additionally, this year’s top student sellers were:

1. Jack Kenneally ’22 (170 tickets) – Earned $500

2. Mackenzie Welsh ’22 (136 tickets) – Earned $300

3. Sean Joyce ’22 (80 tickets) – Earned $100*
*Mary Margaret Adams ’21 also sold 80 tickets. In accordance with the raffle rules, in the event of multiple top sellers tying, the names were entered into a drawing, and Sean’s name was selected.