Triple Threat Raffle Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in the Second Annual Triple Threat Raffle!

In 2018, the raffle raised over $100,000, and we expect to surpass that amount in 2019.

By participating in the Triple Threat Raffle, you help to support Holy Name and our commitment
to developing the minds, bodies and spirits of the young men and women that we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase tickets?

If you know current Holy Name students, ask them if they have tickets to sell! Unfortunately, we do not have an online ticket sales platform. All tickets are in paper format. However, if you do not know a student but would like to support the raffle, please email Triple Threat Raffle Coordinator Debby Marchetta at, or call her at 440-886-0300 ext. 104. She can provide tickets to you.

How much does each ticket cost?

Each ticket is $10 each. Every student at Holy Name must sell 20 tickets each.

What are the cash prizes?

The Grand Prize will be $10,000!! Additional cash prizes include $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000. Prizes may be subject to tax being withheld. Social security numbers will need to be collected from the winners in order to give them their winnings appropriately.

When is the grand prize drawing?

The grand prize drawing will be held at Holy Name on Friday, November 8.

I am a parent, and am wondering when sold tickets can be turned in? How should I send them back to the school?

Students can turn in sold raffle tickets to their homeroom teachers on the following Fridays: October 4, October 11, October 18, October 25 and November 1. Raffle tickets must be turned in (along with the correct amount of money from sales) in an envelope marked with the student name and homeroom number. Do not staple, tape, etc. money to raffle cards. Please make checks out to Holy Name High School.

Can students sell more than 20 tickets? How do they obtain more tickets?

Yes! We encourage and welcome students to sell more than 20 tickets. Additional raffle tickets will be available in the main office.

I am a student, and heard there are some incentives in place for me to earn. What are they and what do I have to do to get them?

Each student who sells the required twenty tickets will receive a Holy Name t-shirt. (New Design)

Each student who sells an additional ten (10) raffle tickets will receive an exclusive Holy Name bucket hat.

Top student seller will receive $500, Second highest seller will receive $300, Third highest seller will receive $100. Seller of the $10,000 Grand Prize ticket will win $500. The winners may instead opt for a tuition credit in the amount of their cash prize. (In the event of multiple top sellers, all names will be entered into a drawing).

Top selling Homeroom (by percentage) on Friday, 10/4 will receive Jack Frost donuts on Tuesday, 10/8 in homeroom.

Top selling Homeroom (by cumulative percentage) on Friday, 10/11 will receive pizza for lunch on Tuesday, 10/15.

Top selling Homeroom (by cumulative percentage) on Friday, 10/18 will receive one -week of dress down privileges for the week of October 21st. (Must follow school dress down guidelines).

Top selling Homeroom (by cumulative percentage) on Friday, 10/25 will receive $10 gift cards to Mission BBQ.

Top selling Homeroom (by cumulative percentage) on Friday, 11/1 will receive $10 gift cards to Chipotle.

Winning homerooms will be announced at the end of the school day each Friday.

If over 9,250 raffle tickets are sold (actual tickets and money must be turned in) the entire school will receive the day off on Monday, December 2!!