About HN!

Blanc, ShelbreyHoly Name High School is more than a choice for four years. Becoming a NAMER is a decision that will impact your life with endless possibilities. Holy Name High School will prepare you for any career path that you may pursue. Becoming a NAMER makes a statement that you value FAITH, ACADEMICS, FRIENDSHIP, and SPIRIT!

Holy Name High School has provided a Catholic, co-educational, comprehensive, and college preparatory education for 100 years. NAMER alumni have contributed to the Greater Cleveland community and, indeed, the whole world with their outstanding accomplishments. You will become a part of our tradition and family when you choose to make a NAME for yourself here at Holy Name.

Holy Name has provided young men and women with a nurturing and supportive educational environment in which to grow not just academically, but also spiritually, socially, and morally. We are dedicated to encouraging students to live according to Catholic values and develop those abilities that will prepare them to lead responsible, constructive, and meaningful lives.

We welcome you to discover for yourself that Holy Name High School is a place where you can make a NAME for yourself. Read on and discover the “NAME” you can create here at Holy Name High School.

All Hail Holy Name!

Mrs. Shelbrey L. Blanc ’95

Current Enrollment

The enrollment for the 2018-19 school year in grades 9 through 12 is 587.

The HN Tradition

It was in the month of September 1914 that Holy Name High School first opened its doors as a four-year secondary, co-educational, Catholic high school. A saga was born. The school has grown steadily over the years, establishing and reinforcing a strong tradition, a proud history, an exciting spirit, and a rich heritage. Holy Name High School’s graduates now number over 16,500 located all over the world.

Make a NAME for yourself and be all that you can be at Holy Name High School. Here you’ll find the opportunities and encouragement that will unlock your true potential, ignite your passion for learning, and help you discover the unique individual God has created in you.

Holy Name doesn’t just prepare you for college; it prepares you for life. Holy Name remains true to one mission: To educate young men and women to proclaim the good news of the Gospel, empowering them to lead Christ-like lives, thus discovering their potential and value in the process of becoming responsible and caring citizens of the global community. Catch the wave of NAMER Inspiration with a most promising future… at Holy Name High School.

HN Branding


School Motto

In the year 1926 our present school motto was adopted. The SCHOOL’S THE THING appeared in the yearbook at that date. The article which accompanied the motto was purposeful in its insistence that personal glory in any field of school activity means very little.


School Symbol

The Green Wave originated in the early Twenties when it was first used to describe the perfect coordination of the HN football team, which gave the appearance of a giant wave engulfing its opponents. Still popular with the students, it suggests the enthusiasm with which it is hoped all HN students will approach their problems.

HN Branding


Administrative Logo

Our Administrative Branding was initially designed for the 90th Anniversary of Holy Name High School. Since its inception, this image has become the face of Holy Name High School branding related to everything from the Administration to Business.


School Seal

The Chi Rho incorporates the first two letters of the name of Christ in Greek characters (XP). The Holy Name High School seal consists of the Chi Rho encircled by the school identification. The seal is very appropriate as an official expression of the Holy Namer’s desire to do all things in Christ, with Him and through Him.

Holy Name Alma Mater

All praise to Alma Mater dear,
To friends whom we revere,
To teachers versed in all the arts,
To men who stirred our hearts,
To wisdom present in her halls,
To memories she recalls,
To faith we ever shall proclaim,
To our dear Holy Name.
Composed by……Jack T. Hearns, May 13,1937

Holy Name Fight Song

All Hail Holy Name!
With loyal hearts we proclaim
That we will serve the green and white.

Your spirit we know
Will lead us on as we go,
And guide our youthful steps aright.

And down through the years,
We will re-echo your cheers,
And through our efforts bring you fame.

For though it be our best
It’s not too good for dear old Holy Name.

The school is the thing,
Will be the motto we sing
Though it be triumph or defeat.

Let this be our aim
To win for you Holy Name 
And lay our laurels at your feet.

Forever will be
A cry of clean victory
That will be heard throughout the fight,
For Holy Name will ever onward press
Beneath the green and white.

Composed by Kathleen Spellman Halicki ’32

Music by Elmer Sinkula

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